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A Hundred Million Dollars for a Bracelet?

It’s the latest sight; Well dressed people walking around with little plastic bracelets called Fitbit. It’s a device that tracks your every move, every breath, every step. It can tell you how well you slept last night, and will map on a graph exactly which moments you stirred or were in deep slumber. This way, you can set exercise goals of walking a certain amount of steps each day and more fun options.

The Fitbit is so cool that it actually went public yesterday in its IPO seeking to raise a hundred million dollars.

If investors are willing to shell out a hundred million dollars for a device that projects their past, what would they be willing to pay for a device that projects your future? Imagine having the knowledge to be able to know when your sleep will be most restful, when you are most likely to win in court and when you will experience freedom.

The G-dly wisdom in the Torah portion Emor, provides us with just this information!

It talks all about the Jewish Holidays: Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Pesach and more. We often casually dismiss these holidays as merely sentimental times when we can replay the lives of our saintly grandparents. This attitude doesn’t really resonate with our kids too well. And it shows.

But the Torah doesn’t simply call them Festivals rather, ‘Appointed Times’.

Each of these celebrations is actually a milestone in time, representing the Divine Energy of that day. On Pesach we experience freedom. On Yom Kippur we experience atonement and rebirth. Shavuos, when we were chosen by G-d as his people, the energy of the day is of purpose and direction in our lives. The same applies to all the Jewish Holidays. They are not Festivals but Appointments in Time: Powerful mines of energy that can and must be exposed to infuse our lives with vitality and life.

Just like the Fitbit charts your past, the Jewish Festivals plot our future: helping us find illumination on Chanukah and unconditional love through the shelter of Sukkos.

But there’s always a catch. Life couldn’t be that easy!

In order to experience the energy of the day, we need to retrieve it. It doesn’t happen by just turning the calendar page. The keys to accessing the energy are the special mitzvahs of the day: We experience freedom in our lives through eating Matzah and avoiding chametz on Pesach. Any other day, munching on matzah wouldn’t provide you with much meaning.

Shofar on Rosh Hashana and Fasting on Yom Kippur allows us to experience rebirth and renewal. Lighting the Chanukah lights and Megillah on Purim opens the door to illumination and equilibrium respectively.

Tracking your past with the Torah as your spiritual Fitbit will bring peace and balance into your life. It may sound hard to believe, but so does a hundred million dollars for a plastic bracelet!

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