A Jewish US President?—Possible But Not Probable

Could Senator Bernie Sanders become America’s first Jewish president? It’s doubtful on two levels…first, Hillary Clinton is the anointed candidate of the Democratic Party’s establishment…it’s the liberal PC pecking order…after a Black president comes a female leader, with a Jew now being bumped into fourth place by a future Hispanic president.

Second, if nominated to be the party’s candidate, Sanders would realize that anti Semitism still exists in America. The Christian Right, which strongly supports Israel, would come down hard on the socialist Jew who wants to be president. The truth is America’s Red State moronic class hates anything liberal and Jewish. And a socialist?… Oy, vay. . Yet recent polls show Sanders beating Donald Trump by hefty margin, bigger than a Clinton-Trump match-up.

On the other hand, Clinton doesn’t have clear sailing to the nomination and the top job. The fact she once was an integral part of her husband’s former administration may work against her.

When her husband Bill was campaigning in 1989, he made a statement that caused quite a stir and yet has become a possible portend of things to come: “With us you get two for the price of one.” This isn’t what the country expects from a job mandated by the Constitution.

Would a Clinton presidency become a Hillary and Bill show, sort of a Clinton Regime Part 2? Who would be running things, Hilary or Bill? Her presidency would be dangerous for America democracy, establishing dynastic leadership as in many developing nations. This possibly one reason Jeb Bush’s campaign has failed to soar…people realize three Bush boys in the White House would be too much.

Then there’s Bill’s fabled infidelity. Few American women in public light would have stood by their men after such worldwide humiliation. There’s a feeling among many voters that Hillary will say and do anything to get what she wants…including sticking with Bill.

Yet, the real problem isn’t the candidates so much as America’s absurd billion dollar plus two-year-long election campaign that creates a circus atmosphere soap-opera that never seems to end. By the time of the November election day voters just want the show to be cancelled. The reality is the only sector that thrives on this circus is the media, raking in most of the money in campaign advertising.

Even with this, against earlier predictions of a Hillary romp, Trump’s view that she will fold when the actual official campaign gets underway could happen. Already her poll figures are varying widely…largely on two issues: Her trust and her ability to effectively protect the country.

This has long been a Democrat weak point and a strong one for the Republicans.  Going back to 1967, it was Democrat Lyndon Johnson who placed an embargo on weapons to Israel during the run-up to and during the Six Day War. Yet, during the Yom Kippur War, Republican Richard Nixon ordered a massive US airlift of supplies to Israel.

In the end, this could be Sander’s undoing…his obsession with domestic politics and little appreciation for America as the world issue of greater popular importance than at any time since the Vietnam War.

About the Author
A London based American journalist with a long wide ranging career spanning print, radio TV and online news.