A Letter to BDS Campaigners

Dear Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigners,

While tens of thousands of people are being murdered in Syria by a crazy dictator, you have found it within yourselves to attack the only beacon of democracy in a region that has just replaced a bunch of dictators for a bunch more. In the wake of this, your 8th year of meetings and events complaining about Israel I am sure that Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip will soon be feeling the effects of all the money that you haven’t bothered raising for them and projects that you never established. Instead of doing something that might actually benefit Palestinians you have decided to condemn Israel as an Apartheid state and suggested that it should cease to exist. Your campaign has succeeded only in that you have provided Jews and Israelis everywhere with a renewed sense of purpose in joining together to campaign against the poison that you have been spewing on campuses everywhere.

The differences between Israel and Apartheid South Africa are so blindingly obvious and so easy to find that those of you who actually hold to the comparison are either so lazy and incompetent that you simply haven’t bothered to go to Google and conduct even the most elementary search for information, or you are so filled with hatred for Israel and Jews that you are willing to stoop to outright lies in order to slander the country that I love so dearly.

You talk about Israel and Palestine as if it were a pantomime, with Israel the evil villain and Palestinians the poor victims. You have neither desire nor interest in probing into the causes of the conflict in a way that is befitting the institutions of higher learning which you frequent. When Israel appears on the stage you want to boo, when Palestinians appear you want to cheer. To you Israel’s concerns are as nothing. It doesn’t concern you when Hamas tells you in plain language that they hate all Jews regardless of where they are from. It doesn’t concern you that the Palestinian Authority is led by a man whose PhD thesis denied the Holocaust. It doesn’t even concern you when Hamas are as murderous towards their brothers and sisters in Gaza as they are towards Jews.

Continue by all means with your Israel Apartheid weeks for another 8 years or for another 80. Your failure to see the situation in a nuanced, intelligent light means that you will never be able to make a difference in a place that, ironically, needs all the help it can get, alas helping is not your intention. People go to pantomimes to have some fun and feel better about themselves rather than to learn and certainly not to make the world a better place. While you are having your pantomime ‘debates’ about the future of the Middle East perhaps you should spare a single thought for the millions of people about whom you are speaking and ask yourselves whether the prism through which you view our world has anything to do with reality and then maybe you could try doing something useful.


About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Green-Line-volunteer-Intifada-ebook/dp/B075HBGS21/