Boruch Rizel
Boruch Rizel

A look at Rabbi Haim Amsalem and his party Am Shalem

Even though I am voting for The Yahadut Hatorah Party. I do feel we should take a good look and Rabbi Haim Amsalem and his party Am Shalem.

Most Religious Zionists I know are voting for either Yamina or Hatzionut Hadatit. And Most Haredim I know will be voting for either Yahadut Hatorah or Shas.

The Am Shalem party which is led by Rabbi Haim Amsalem I feel is a great alternative for both of these communities. The reason being that Rabbi Haim Amsalem wants to represent both and even those who are part of The Traditional Camp of the Israeli Jewish Community.

He represents the approach of Torah U’Paranassa and wants everyone who wants to have both to have a much better life in this beautiful country of ours.

Rabbi Amsalem can be an alternative for the Religious Zionist as because he wants to continue the tradition of Am Yisrael, b’Eretz Yisrael, al pi Torat Yisrael.

He wants Haredi women who are upset that because they are religious they can’t a Knesset Member like them to represent them feel like they have a home because the number 2 on his party slate is Mrs. Hila Chasan Lefkovitz who is a Haredi Woman.

He wants Ashkenazim to feel it is not just Sephadic Party so he has Rabbi Dov Halbertal as the number 3 on the party slate.

Rabbi Amsalem wants those who are serious about being in Kollel because they study Torah 12 hours a day feel like they won’t be bothered to change who they are and they are very sincere to feel confident that Am Shalem has their full support.

But at the same time, the Haredim who want to work or join the Israel Army or go into Academia have someone who is in the Knesset who is Haredi and doesn’t only worry about the Yeshivot and Kollelim and is concerned about how he can help them as well.

Rabbi Amsalem has proven himself as both a Rabbi and Member of Knesset to love The Jewish People I wish him and his party the best of success.

About the Author
Boruch Rizel is a Kollel Fellow and Jewish History Lecturer. He graduated from Excelsior College and has a TESOL certificate in from the International Open Academy.
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