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A love letter to Israel

A video created by New York school children to convey their caring and concern to the Jews in the Holy Land

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As an administrator at a Jewish day school in New York, I’ve led several discussions with students over the past few weeks about the current difficult situation in Israel. We focused on the historical underpinnings of the conflict over the Temple Mount, the insidious effects of incitement, and the frightful impact that the violence has had on the day-to-day lives of Israelis.

Invariably, the students asked a simple question: “What can we do to help?” They wanted to make a difference somehow — to show the children in Israel that even when it appears like the whole world is against them, there are millions of Jews worldwide who are thinking about them, supporting them, and praying for them every day.

The result is this video, which they hope will reach Israeli kids and remind them that they are never alone.

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Benji made Aliyah from the US in 2000, and moved back to the US 2 years ago. He is an attorney by training who worked in the Israeli defense industry. He is now works at a Jewish day school in the Boston area.
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