A Mentally Healthy Jew

I think we all can admit that mental health should be a top priority. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. In 2017, 47,117 people died by suicide in America! Add to this alarming news that over one million people attempted suicide in 2017 in the USA. The question that begs asking is, can we find a Jewish response to this issue? My answer to my readers is YES WE CAN… The Jewish phrase healing the world begins with healing ourselves and then working outwards. My program Torah and Mental Health does just that. I bring two hours of healing to people in their own homes. The first hour is Torah study and food, because all Jews love to eat… LOL… The second hour is a group mental health discussion with professionals that deal with every topic under the sun. This can also be done in larger spaces like a temple. I invite you to reach out to me…

What are you waiting for?

Jews are the only people that haven’t discussed mental health in a serious way!

About the Author
Jonah Sanderson is a Los Angeles based Rabbinical student and fervent advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. After the untimely death of his friend in June, Jonah spurred into action creating programs that address how to cope with the biggest epidemic in modern history. In his spare time, he cooks, bakes, and drinks only the best and weirdest craft beer.