A Milestone for Me: Scheduled first meeting with Rabbi

My temple’s Rabbi just returned from a five month long sabbatical where he visited Eastern Europe as well as Israel, where he did some assisting at a college and spent time in Kibbutz Adamit. He chronicled his journey in his blog Pulpit Perspectives.¬† I scheduled a time for a quick meeting to discuss the conversion process, since I know he is quite busy with all the preparations for the High Holy Days after a long sabbatical, but I want to get things in motion toward conversion.

I know in my last blog post, there were some comments made in the comment section¬†by an individual that slammed me for going Reform and stated that all I really have to do is “read the Wikipedia article on Judaism and then take a multiple-choice test” in order to convert, but in all reality I know that it is going to be a lot of study, reflection, and lifestyle processes.

I look forward to this quick meeting to get the ball rolling and then getting into the formal conversion processes once the High Holy Days are over with and the Rabbi will have more time to focus on guiding me through the journey and the process.

I look forward to sharing with you all the things along the way.




Ryan Fagan is the founder of Fagan Social Media

About the Author
Ryan Fagan is originally from Southwest Florida, and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he is employed in the financial sector and is active at Shir Tikvah, his Reform shul. He recently converted to Judaism after being raised in a Catholic household. He also goes by his Hebrew name, Aviv.