A Modest, if not Morbid, Proposal for the Next Knesset

I’m proposing an idea for a bill before the next Knesset. God forbid we actually need to have this apply to any cases, but given the recent absurdity about charging terror victims’ families for burial plots in Jerusalem, I propose the following. For any Jewish victims of terrorism around the world, their families may elect to have their loved ones buried in Israel for free, even circumventing the occasional costs that some Israelis incur on special arrangements for funerals.

A mourner at the Jerusalem funeral for four Jewish victims of the Paris terror attacks, on January 13, 2015.  (photo credit: Ben Kelmer/Flash90)

This is a simple gesture for anyone who is inclined to entomb their brothers and sisters in their homeland, even if they were stolen from us before the had the chance to live in it.

The Jewish people and all citizens of Israel (Jewish or not) are clearly in the same teetering boat. Israelis no matter their ethnicity have been the victims of terror, and the Diaspora has been caught up in the rage of Israel’s opponents in reprisals for distant political events. It is the same wave that is shaking our ship.

There is much, much more that the next Knesset should do for the Jewish people worldwide in the midst of this tumult. Perhaps this idea will pass, yet also alarm the next generation of MKs that there is much more they should, could and must do for Jews in life than they could ever do by giving them discounts in death.

About the Author
Gedalyah Reback is an experienced writer on technology, startups, the Middle East and Islam. He also focuses on issues of personal status in Judaism, namely conversion.