A New Hike for a New Year

With the new year upon us you might want to use 5780 as an opportunity to discover a new part of Israel. If so a new book out might be what you are looking for. Tripping out of Tel Aviv – Day Hikes by Public Transportation in Israel, is exactly what it says on the tin.

Designed to guide people who wake up on Friday morning in Tel Aviv and want to go for walk and be back in time for Shabbos, this book helps you access some of the lesser known parts of Israel’s hiking network. Along with some good pictures and maps there is also a detailed public transport inventory for every trail so that there is no need to have a car to get there and back.This is a fantastic resource for families, youth groups and individuals in Israel and the diaspora who want to learn something about the country from the boots up.

On the New Blue Review we caught with the author Ronit Slyper about why she wrote the book and what you can expect to find inside.

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