A New Lens on Israel

Award winning directors Igal Hecht and Aaron Daniel Mandel of Explorer Cinema traveled 20 thousand kilometers to highlight Israeli artists in their new series, Holy Art.  They showcase an often unexplored side of Israel, that of individual artists, their connection to religion, spirituality, culture and faith and how it influences their work.

Visuals of Israel pepper the work, showing an unprecedented exploration of the Holy Land through a unique lens. Igal and Aaron traveled to 30 locations across Israel and interviewed nearly 70 Israeli artists for the series. Holy Art’s artists are Jewish, Christian, Druze and Muslim. Their work is a tapestry of different ways of experiencing Israel, and the show is a can’t miss phenomenon.

Holy Art premiered in Canada in June 2018 and has been picked up for two additional seasons. The show is in Hebrew, English and Arabic and airs every Sunday at 7 on on YES-TV across Canada.

View the Trailer here

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Rivka Cohen (Riv) is originally from Atlanta and is the video producer at Carbonite, located in Haifa's sister city, Boston; She writes and produces videos about Israel, Judaism, and life. You can find her work at lrcfilm.com
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