Avi Lewis
Avi Lewis

A New United Nations

A debilitating sickness infects the once-hallowed halls of the United Nations. The diagnosis: a democracy of totalitarian, despotic and Islamist regimes that infest and incapacitate its limbs and organs. The sickness is so deep and systemic that even amputation cannot save the rest of the body.

Yet there is a cure: drastic steps must be taken to dismantle the current institution and set up a new one in its place. Why? Because the UN consistently fails to uphold its own mandate, is wielded as a bat by the world’s worst to beat the world’s best, and in the meantime devours millions of dollars in funding provided largely by Western nations.

But the world still needs a UN.

Can it be reformed? No. If there existed a mechanism to expel the human rights violators that currently riddle the organization perhaps that might be a possibility – but unfortunately it is these very states that chair many of the UN’s arms and muster automatic majorities to ensure the world continues turning a blind eye to them.

The new organization that (will hopefully) take the UN’s place cannot be based on the false premise that inclusion of every state qua state is necessary for its function and credibility. A minimal threshold of an agreed upon human rights record must be a basic requirement for membership.

A body that gives free reign to the likes of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Libya, to pontificate women’s rights and appoint themselves authorities in the realm of freedom of expression and religion has long ago run its course. Moreover, the organization’s spinelessness in confronting actual genocides and war crimes, along with its crippling Jew-hatred would be comedic if it weren’t so sad.

The time has come to create a new world body – an Alliance of Democratic States (ADS). Here are a few basic steps to begin that process.

  1. All states that value basic human dignity should pull their funding and membership from the UN effective immediately. Furthermore, the US should give the UN the boot and order it to move its headquarters offshore
  2. Standards for membership to ADS must be strictly enforced by an independent external judiciary that will operate beyond the reach of member-state votes.
  3. All members must commit to volunteering troops of their armed forces to the communal military force of ADS. The number of personnel each state contributes will be in proportion to its population and domestic military expenditure.
  4. The ADS military force will include in its mandate peacekeeping as well as offensive missions. If there’s a genocide going on in Rwanda or civilians are being slaughtered in Aleppo, ADS troops will not stand idly by – they will have the green light to intervene to save civilians and take the fight to the enemy.
  5. Any state that violates the ADS code of conduct will be immediately expelled.
  6. Each country will provide funding to the organization in proportion to its GDP.
  7. The veto will be abolished for all countries.
  8. The only nations that will be allowed to chair and lead important human rights organizations will be world leaders in their respective fields.
  9. All allegations of human rights violations will be thoroughly investigated by at least two separate committees that will accurately assess the allegations without any preconceived agendas or political bias.
  10. Resolutions will not be determined by democratic vote, but rather scrupulously examined in international court cases in which both claimants will have the opportunity to represent themselves.

The League of Nations failed due to under-representation. The United Nations has failed due to over-representation and blind inclusion of human rights violators unworthy of membership.

The 21st century, with its complex asymmetrical conflicts, the emergence of confounding new technologies, overpopulation and mass human migrations, and the growing global threat of radical Islam, requires a new multinational force to steer the free world into yet-stormier days.

The creation of such a force is an imperative. To all those who value freedom and justice, our future depends on it.

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Passionate about Israel and the Jewish world, Avi was formerly a news writer at the Times of Israel. Originally from Australia, he served in the IDF and today works in Software development. He lives in Jerusalem with wife and son.
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