A “non-lethal” Holocaust alternative?

What chance that, when conditions conducive to the next and final, Final Solution appear in the Diaspora that we Jews can arrive at a “non-lethal” alternative to History? Elizabeth lives in Germany and evidence she witnesses in Europe is beginning to accord with the issues I have raised in my blog, Antisemitism and Jewish Survival, over the years.

From Elizabeth:

David, I like the idea of non lethal alternatives. Are there any?” 

DT: Elizabeth, we all do. Georges and I have divergent views on this. In the past he has appreciated that Christians, even antisemites, opposed the Holocaust and protected Jews. And while we disagree on numbers I agree there were such, as the Yad v’Shem tribute to Righteous Gentiles represents. Georges suggests an alliance between such and the Jews could effectively block a repeat of the 1940’s, although he never went into specifics how such an alliance would work, and how such could provide effective resistance against another charismatic leader, say a president of the United States bent on the next and final Final Solution would work. I’m certain he will read this and provide an explanation.

For myself, even were such an alliance feasible, and even were it to prove successful I expect it would provide little more than a temporary, blocking maneuver, that Christian scripture would still survive intact with its polemic against “the Jews” and Christian theology’s Jewish Problem would remain a 2000 year and continuing a pathological theology of fear and hate demanding a “solution,” the same disappearance of the “threat.”

One mistake humans are susceptible to is viewing our surroundings as “normal,” as if today represents tomorrow and tomorrow… That, for example, is the way most Jews experiencing “emancipation” in the 19th century viewed the future; that was how Jews in Germany between the wars anticipated the future. Secularism transformed religious pathology into an extermination model for “solution.” So there is no hope for a humanistic and enlightened salvation there. But with stress grows religious faith, the seeking of “salvation”: the “messiah” in Judaism and all its branch breakaways. Whether that “messiah” for Christendom is religious or secular, the Jews will, by history of Crusade and Holocaust, be assured as target.

And then there is the hopeful view that legal “guaranties” such as constitutions in the West, or the U.S. Bill of Rights are “eternally” operative. But as Weimar demonstrated in Germany, they only function so long as a fuehrer is not democratically elected by a panicked electorate confronting that which they see as frightening social and economic catastrophe.

No, Elizabeth, by my understanding, and a difficult one for most to simply accept since the Present Represents the Future: from my understanding the only possible non-lethal alternative is just to LEAVE while the possibility exists. And the only available destination in a world in which antisemitism has become global thanks to the internet is, of course, Israel.

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David made aliya in 1960 and has been active in Jewish issues since. He was a regional director for JNF in New York, created JUDAC, Jews United to Defend the Auschwitz Cemetery during that controversy; at the request of Jonathan Pollard created and led Justice for the Pollards in 1989.
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