A Philosopher’s look at our Decade

There are two broad speculations as to what exact range of years starts and ends a decade. The former counting from 0-9, would name the new decade as beginning from 2020, the later counting method flowing from 1-10, would place the new decade as beginning from 2021. However whichever pattern of counting you decide to use in reckoning your years, you really won’t be wrong, but here is something:

Our human timeline is reckoned in terms of Millennials, Centuries, Generations, decades, and years. A millennial consists of a thousand years, century a hundred, Generations; thirty, decades; ten, and years; 365 days. Futher still, basic happenings in human timeline are mainly judged along centuries; thus making a century seem like a unit measure of human life, or societal existence. But centuries themselves are divided into three generations (Viz; three different time period of thirty years each), with an intercalary period of a decade (i.e ten years), to end the century. Now human society must exist and be clearly defined by these timeline in different ways, most of which happens beyond our notice.

Following an abridged timeline model of the early Grecian sage Solon, the first generation of each century usually sets the ground work for the entire happenings of that century. Thus it could be regarded to as the century’s foundational stage, and this is done within the period of three decades (thirty years). Others choose to call this first stage; the learning stage, based on a believe that those born within the timeframe of this first generation (don’t forget the 10 year intercalary period from the previous century is added to this stage), would go ahead to become the pioneers and leaders of the entire century.

Thus along this timeline format, the last decade of the first generation in each century would be referred to as the ‘Introductory stage,’ for ‘Early starters.’ These early starters refer to those within the timeframe of a generation who shoot out earlier before other of their mates within the same generational timeframe. Nominaly, the first decade of the second generation in a century is usually deemed as the handover stage, wherein people from the third generation of the previous Century handover the baton of leadership to the new generation (alongside their counterparts from the intercalary time period), in this case we mean; The third generation of the previous Century (20th century) consists of those who were born between the years 1960-1990, most of whom are currently the leaders of this current generation, but all of whom nominaly would be taken off the scene either by death, retirement or health depreciation, during the first decade of the second generation of our 21st century, which would happen to be from the time range 2030-2039. Thus that exactly is when those from the intercalary time period of ten years (1990-1999) and those within the first decade of the first generation of the 21st century (2000-2009), will actively begin to take over world affairs across the globe.

By this I mean the next 9 years of this current generation (2021-2029) would consist of the wrapping up stage for all of us ‘immigrants’ from the previous Century (20th century) coupled with the early starters from this generation (most of whom would be those born within 2000-2009), as we prepare to officially take over leadership of our Century starting from the next decade (2030-2039).

If you are asleep, you’ve got to wake up and spend the remaining years of this decade wrapping up your preparations. There would be no time to learn on the job the moment it’s time for us to begin leading this Century. Endure all the travails you have to endure now, let those who are eager to fly up before their due timeline quickly do so and die out, it would leave enough space for unsurpassable dominion and influence amongst the few patient ones, giving the leverage to place in men from within one’s own ranks who would best further our interests. God has built the world upon time, it would be technically impossible for those from previous generations to hold unto power in the next decade.

So you’ve got the next 9 years to prepare adequately for our take over; usually the last two decades of the second generation in this Century would be our showing forth period, with the first decade of the third generation within this Century as our own handover. There’s a whole lot of things to Change as we move towards defining our Century; bow your heads in labor and learn, so you don’t end up unprepared when it’s time for our showing forth.


About the Author
S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Theologian and Political scientist, with major interest in Political theory, Middle-east politics (especially as it affects the Jewish state), and international relations. He currently works as an High school tutor/debate coach, and can be reached on twitter @OvwataS
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