A Response to “One Day, All Men Will Be Considered Rapists”

Dear Avi,

I read your blog the other day, and I have both some questions and thoughts I want to share with you. First of all, I want to commend you for being ballsy enough to put yourself out there to discuss a topic you’re completely unfamiliar with. You’re brave!

On with the questions: What would women gain by smearing men as moral monsters? What would women gain by successfully painting ALL men as inherently immoral and awful? Do you think that it’s part of some sort of plot to eliminate the need for men entirely?! Do you worry that the plan is for us all to get dyke haircuts, accuse men of rape and throw them all into some sort of prison?

Have you bought into the notion that women just want to change men? That you get married or get into a relationship and virtually become a slave to your wife? That we are eager to mold men into castrated sheep so that we may rule our households in tyrannical femi-nazi fashion? Have you considered that many feminists (myself included) want a partner who doesn’t buy into “traditional” roles, like I’m responsible for housework while my man makes the big bucks? Have you considered that as a feminist I just want a man who doesn’t think that I’m inherently more responsible for things relating to my children because I have breasts and a vagina? I’m not looking to emasculate my husband or change him, he’s perfect the way he is in all of his male glory- I just want to have a choice about what I do with my life.

Moving away from your general hatred of women to address these excessive rape allegations you’re so worried about, I’m curious how this “war on men” impacts you? Were you assaulted by a woman and no one listened? If so, report it again. Follow the same advice and go through the same channels that a woman would. Are you paid less than  a woman who does the same job? Were you arrested for rape for simply walking past one of these evil Medusa-feminists who was oh so eager to pin an assault on an innocent man? When did the wave of anti-male violence start? It sounds incredibly alarming. We must march! #JeSuisMale!

Have you asked yourself why you’re unable to accept the plain and simple fact that men rape more often than women do? What types of violent incidents are women consistently committing against men that you’re looking to expose? This isn’t a 50/50 responsibility situation.

There are some situations where a woman’s physical aggression isn’t taken as seriously, and that should change. Assume we are in a bar and you see a woman slap a guy, you would probably do nothing, and you might even ask if the woman is okay-the one who did the slapping! However, if we saw a guy slap a woman in a bar we would react swiftly and probably call the cops. Is this symbolic of how women get off easier? Nope. It’s part of the plain and simple fact that women aren’t taken as seriously, hence the need for a women’s empowerment movement. Women are labelled “hysterical,” and “crazy,” while men get to own their angry feelings.  If YOU believed in equality, Avi, THAT would be the sort of thing you would be bringing awareness to. You would teach young people that NO VIOLENCE is okay. You would teach adolescent boys that these types of double standards aren’t acceptable. Instead, you seek to disprove the accounts of hundreds of women by undermining their experiences for your own shoddy purposes.

In your blog you said, “The worst example of this thus far is the often touted statistic of “1 in 5″ women are raped on college campuses, with the implicit hint that as many as 1 in 5 men are rapists.” Im not sure how you came to this conclusion. I lived on campus at my school and I can tell you with the utmost certainty that people don’t think about it that way. I didn’t worry about every 5th guy, I worried about the one guy, the predator who wanted to hurt me.

If you spend some time watching the news or following these stories, you would know it usually goes as follows: Multiple women make complaints about the *same man* which go unanswered by their school until someone gets seriously hurt (or ends up dead) and the organization is forced to deal with the situation. Oh, and more often than not, the story ends with the rapist being expelled without any additional consequences. But, in your world, you picture that 1/5 male college students is led out of his dorm in handcuffs because us evil feminists cant stop ourselves from accusing guys of rape. Like college girls cry rape for sport…

You move on from referencing the 1/5 stat to fear-mongering over the 1/3 stat to saying that *all men* are at risk for being labelled rapists. I will help you and your fellow idiots who live in fear with some tips to avoid being labelled a rapist.

1) (Easy) don’t rape anyone.
2) Don’t manipulate or guilt women into sex- it causes bad feelings.
3) If she says no, it means no, not “I’m playing hard to get.”
4) If she shouts no, it means no, not “I’m making you work for it baby.”
5) If she screams no, it means “f*ck no!”
6) “Please don’t,” means no and probably “I’m terrified of you.
7) STOP means no.
8) I don’t want to, means no.

I don’t know a single woman who thinks that their word alone should be powerful enough to send a man to prison. I think that more often than not, us feminists expect and hope that the justice system will appropriately manage and handle these incidents. I’m a believer in a fair trial.

While you worry about labelling women bigots, I’ll worry about whether or not you’re a father, and whether or not you have any daughters. G-d forbid you ever have to support a woman after she experiences an assault or deals with the aftermath-I don’t think you have the empathy to handle it. Call me a bigot and I call you a relic, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Good luck,

Klari (femi-nazi-bigot-extraordinaire!)

About the Author
Klari is a Califorina Girl, a Liberal, and an avid supporter of Israel