Yael Eckstein

A secret that’s good to know

Many years ago I was let in on a secret and it changed my life.

When I sit in the bomb shelter with my three children as code red sirens wail and we wait to hear the explosions, this secret often comes to my mind.

Some people in Israel are aware of it, many aren’t and others forget it exactly when we need to remember it most. Move in close, and I’ll whisper it in your ear. No, never mind, I’m going to shout it out loud. Here it goes:


Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe. When we’re being bombarded with rockets from every direction, and the sound of the sirens becomes all too familiar, it truly feels like we’re alone.

When we turn on the radio, television, and Internet and hear of world governing bodies that are supposed to foster peace turning their back on the Middle East’s only genuine democracy Israel, it’s no wonder we feel like no one cares.

But my dear brothers and sisters: if you open your ears and redirect your eyes, you will find a bastion of love for Israel and the Jewish people – and that is within the hearts, prayers, and the actions of millions of Christians around the world.

For years Christians have had deep love for Israel and the Jewish people, and have been manifesting that love through their actions. They pray for us. They are a strong political voice for us. They support us when times are good and enlist to our cause in times of crisis.

I know what you’ve heard; they’re not real friends, they only want to convert and influence us. But that my friends, is a fallacy. The Christians that I work with, and the thousands of Christians I’ve met who sacrificially donate to our organization, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, have never asked me to change or tried to convince me of anything that goes against my strong Jewish beliefs. Indeed, they have great appreciation and respect for those beliefs. “You are the chosen nation,” they often say, as they quote the Torah to back it up. “God made a promise and bond with you forever. You are His special children, and that is why it is our honor to help you,” they tell me.

The Jewish people have been tortured, exiled, and hated throughout history, and today as the Jewish state continues to fight for its survival, I understand that it is hard to comprehend that there are millions of Christians who love us and want to stand with us, unconditionally.

But believe me, my people, it is happening. And it is good for us. And it’s about time that this wellspring of support and love -this deep strategic partnership- no longer remains a secret. We have collectively opened our eyes to the fact that we have enemies who seek our destruction. It’s time we collectively open our eyes to recognize our friends.

About the Author
Yael Eckstein is the President and CEO of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
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