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A shameful silence, Lithuania


These are the charges that my film J’Accuse! (and specifically its heroic protagonist Silvia Foti) lays against the Lithuanian government:

  • That it is corrupted by crude antisemitism at the highest levels
  • That it was the Government (via its repulsive lie factory, the Genocide Centre) that chose to make the known petty thief, antisemitic pamphleteer and mass murderer Jonas Noreika a national hero
  • That it brazenly lies to US Congress, NATO and the EU
  • That it brazenly lies to its innocent people and makes them complicit in the most of cruel of Holocaust mass murders
  • That it’s egregious holocaust denialism is a danger to the free world, NATO and the EU and greatly increases the likelihood of future genocides

You’d think the blockheads in Vilnius would have something to say about all this, wouldn’t you? You’d think they’d understand the need for some response, especially since the film has been seen and celebrated across the world. You might even imagine that the Vilnius mob would feel honour-bound to say something since the the film has demonstrably sparked a fierce fire in many Jewish hearts and that its reach and influence is growing every day?

Well you’d be wrong. The Vilnius blockheads have responded in their traditional way which involves covering their eyes, holding their nose, shutting their mouth, blocking their ears and then burying their whole stupid head in the forest (they’re pretty good at burying body parts in forests).

Nothing, my friends. Not a damned word. As though this whole Jew thing was a minor annoyance unworthy of the attention of great, important, transcendent Lithuania. You can almost hear them: So the Yids are complaining? What’s new?

I’ll tell you what’s new, Mr Blockhead. Today some Yids are fighting back.

Do any of you remember the hilarious interlude of the South African Lithuanian Ambassador, a man who I understand spends much of his time telling credulous Jews who just wanna be loved how much he adores the Vilna Gaon, latkes and the poor, talented, missing Jews of Lithuania etc etc etc? Well he announced he was going to make a statement in response to J’Accuse!…. but pulled out at the last minute, without explanation.

Since then, nothing. But now, at last, thanks to some brave New York high school students, the Lithuanian government has been forced to respond. And their response, I am not surprised to tell you, sets a new world record in Blockhead stupidity and antisemitic cynicism.

On March 15 students from the Rambam Mesivta High School held a demonstration outside the Lithuanian Consulate in New York protesting the government’s rampant rewriting of history. Their focus was Jonas Noreika. Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman, Dean of Rambam, was invited into the Lithuanian Consulate during the demonstration and was instructed that Silvia Foti is misguided, Noreika was innocent (read Silvia Foti’s superb demolition of this particular lie here) that Lithuanian Courts had found him Not Guilty (hoho) and that Russia was the guilty party anyway, not poor little innocent, fragrant Lithuania.

Later, when pressed by JNS for a specific comment on Noreika (which they had avoided), the consulate shared a 303-word statement, which read, in part:

“Today public debates usually center on the role that several individuals known for their merit to anti-Soviet resistance played in the Holocaust. Such debates sometimes get to a political level and, as a result, sometimes lead to the decisions taken by non-governmental organizations or municipal politicians regarding the commemoration of specific individuals. The position of the Lithuanian Government, however, is clearly expressed—the truth must be established with the help of impartial and independent academic research … Regretfully, there have been examples in Lithuania, when recommendations of the central government have not been implemented yet by the local government. … This controversy needs additional attention and could be possibly solved by improving legislation. New legal regulation is on the way, at a moment.”

What the hell does this even mean? I leave it to Grant Gochin who has been translating Lithuanian Blockhead-speak into plain English for decades. This is an article worth reading.

The fact is, they simply do not believe they need to respond. Once again, in the Lithuanian mind, Jews are not quite human. And because there will always be some Jews to lap up their stupid prizes and baubles and give them cover they can do nothing and pretend all is well in Jew-land.

Please remember this next week when you see Lithuanian ambassadors and consuls stinking up Yom Hashoah memorials with their contrived sad-faces and their hypocrite speeches. Remember: these people tell lies to support the mass murderers.

They do not deserve a place amidst our grief.

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