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A solution for Danny Cohen

If the BBC director is upset about anti-Jewish attitudes, he should change some of his editorial policies

Danny Cohen, the director of BBC television, recently said that he has never felt more uncomfortable about being a Jew in Britain as in the last 12 months, as anti-Semitic attacks, largely due to the war in Gaza, have increased.

The great thing is, that as director of BBC television, he has quite a lot of things he can do to rectify this situation. Here are a few suggestions for what Danny Cohen can do to improve things for British Jews.

  1. If terrorist attacks happen against Jews, please tell the news presenters that it is permissible for pictures of the dead to be shown. After an entire summer of pictures of dead Palestinian children, allowing the pictures of dead Jews to be shown is not a breach of impartiality, and will help convey the depravity of the groups Israel faces.
  2. Stop sending parachute reporters to such a difficult region. Parachute reporters normally cannot speak the languages of the country they are in, and just pick up their facts from biased NGOs. A situation such as that of Israel and the Palestinians deserves reporters who are well versed in the area, and can present a less politically charged version of the story.
  3. Commission a documentary on Hamas. Once again, it would help the British public understand the threat Israel faces, and would also inform them how their tax money and public support is being used to support terrorist groups.
  4. I know that you are not in charge of the BBC website, but maybe pop down the hall and have a word with them. The bias they display is incredible, such as Jeremy Bowen`s piece last month, which presented the lie that the Al Aqsa mosque is in danger as a quite reasonable position.

Many British Jews are concerned about their future, but you are in a place where you can seriously change the one sided discourse about Israel, and help British Jews (whilst standing up for values such as fighting extremism and terrorism). Jews have lived in Britain for hundreds of years, and you, as one of those many British Jews who has an influential position in society, can help defend Jews from the libels and accusations that threaten our continuity.

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Aron White, 22, is currently studying and teaching in Yeshivat HaKotel, whilst studying for a degree in Politics and International Relations through LSE.