A Strong Israel

 It would be a bid of sheer impropriety not to recognize that Israel, the only democratic nation in the Middle East is facing perhaps one of it’s gravest challenges since things seemed to have calmed down in 2012.

Since the start of 2014, more than 450 missiles have rained down on Israel, causing a few casualties and some destruction. Yet, the true effect of these attacks is fear. Something which Israelis, Jews and the diaspora have been living with for far too long. A fear which has spanned for far too long in Jewish history, and to this day, in their own homeland they have no peace.

This, of course, is not simply due to the fact that on July 8th more than 140 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel, but that  there is a presence in Gaza that wants the ultimate destruction of Israel, and incidences such as putting up Nazi flags is a prime example of just that.

The truth is that things are becoming critical, as even this morning the U.S embassy in Tel Aviv has stated that it will be basically shut down as a result of rocket fire from Gaza.

In David Horovitz’s recent article on the Israel-Gaza Conflict, he accounts that Israel is surrounded by sheer uncertainty, from Syria, extremists in the far east, and now increased tensions from Gaza. Yet, this is something that every Israeli and Jew already knows too well-something that people live with everyday.

So what is to be done?

The only thing left now is for Israel to stay strong. Similar to when the three teens were kidnapped in June and the devastating news about their gruesome murder rocked the nation. Similar to how Israel has been in constant strife over its security since its creation, and most importantly how throughout history the Jewish people have always gone through tragedy, and through adversity. But they always won. Israel is a testament to that fact.

Of course, to actually support armed fighting and even violence on this scale would be out of the question. Yet, it is saddening to say that Israel’s imminent ground attack on the Gaza strip-Operation Protective Edge-, is not only necessary, but perhaps could play out to be a heavy blow to Hamas. The bottom line is that Israel needs to act.

Even so, Operation Protective Edge will not be indicative of Israel’s might, it is the Israelis themselves, as each one of them must carry strength in their hearts for their families and their nation.

About the Author
Milad, a native of Jassy, Romania is a writer, historian, and the Senior Editor of The Art of Polemics magazine. He is currently working on a book on the Jassy Pogrom of 1941 while residing in Vancouver, Canada.
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