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A tale of two cannabisses

It is starting to look like the best of times and the worst of times for cannabis freedom in the USA. Half the states have legalized medical marijuana and more and more have legalized outright. Best of times. The US Attorney General seems bent on recriminalizing and enforcing the cannabis witch-hunt federally. Worst of times. Just another case of incoherence brought to you by Orange Clueless himself?

The Israeli example might make you think twice about this. In Israel we have probably the most peculiar and overly controlled medical marijuana authority in the world, with endless complaints from “patients” whose doctors’ treatment plan is compromised by officials who have never seen the patient. The authority creates endless noise about the wonders of the “medical cannabis” unit, but produces little or no direct research into the effects of whole plant treatments. Meanwhile, the parliament has created endless noise about “de-criminalization” which is not really going ahead, at the same time making statements about how cannabis remains a dangerous drug to be fought against. Just this past week we have had three news items (all, as usual, reported naively by a press which in the case of cannabis will never investigate what the hell is going on):

1. New licenses for medical cannabis may now take up to 6 months to process

2. The Knesset member from Netanyahu’s party who voted for decriminalization despite Party  “discipline” to vote it against is being punished by being removed from the committees she participated in.

3. The so called “defunded” War Against Drugs (the entire staff was moved to another corridor and refunded under another name) issued headlines that Israelis are frontrunners in “use” of marijuana. It is worded as an alarming item, with no hint about exactly what we should be alarmed about.

I have been fproposed the following hypothesis to explain this and other Israeli irregularities in an earlier blog:

Bibi has diverted medical cannabis from a mode of treating patients to a mode of preventing legalization of marijuana. Israel plans to hand over the medical cannabis to drug companies just as soon as they can get into the market with medications that are based on cannabinoids. Then whole plant treatment will then be declared not scientific enough and whole plant leisure use will be re-declared a danger to humanity. Re-criminalization will protect the new pharmaceuticals from competition from legal access to whole plant (aka NATURE) products. I suspect we are now about 6 months from a pharmaceutical “breakthrough” which will take over Israel’s “medical cannabis” conundrum, this may  be what is behind the delay in licenses. Then recriminalization will rear its explict ugly head.

Does this formulation of what I suspect to be the Sheldon Edelson-Bibi Netanyahu hidden plan perhaps help anyone to understand a possible Trump-Sessions hidden plan?

If it does, get ready to resist before it is too late. (In Israel I think it is probably already too late).

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Alan Flashman was born in Foxborough, MA, and gained his BA from Columbia, MD from NYU, Pediatrics, Adult and Child Psychiatry specialties at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, The Bronx, NY. He has practiced in Beer Sheba since 1983, and taught mental health at Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and Ben Gurion University. Alan has edited readers on Therapeutic Communication with Children (2002) and Adolescents (2005) in Hebrew, translated Buber's I and Thou anew into Hebrew, and authored Losing It, an autobiography, and From Protection to Passover. He recently published two summary works of his clinical experience (both 2022) Family Therapies for the 21st Century and Mental Health in Pediatrics.
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