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An Olah Chadasha learning to make sense of the world.

A Testament to Us

I do not know where to start. I have opened my little blog account to write a few times by now, word vomiting onto the paper, allowing my anger and thoughts to become jargon, making my thoughts nonsensical. I’m sure a lot of Jews are feeling similar, not really knowing where to start in the grieving process. The world thus far hasn’t let us grieve for the 1400+ murdered on October 7th. It doesn’t seem to be giving us the space soon either; forcing us to become advocates, all of us, in standing against anti-semitism in all sectors.

Flowers in Tel Aviv. Captured by me.

At the start of the war, I posted images of flowers with little blurbs everyday to disrupt the images of the massacre. Allowing for beauty to exist even in times of war. I wrote about my thoughts, the return to life in Tel Aviv, the quiet streets where traffic once stood, to the night returning with life. We continue on even when it feels like it’s the end of the world. I stopped after the second week, not intentionally I just forgot one morning and didn’t restart. The writing helped, as I’m sure other people have found. It helps to put pen to paper, to organize what you are feeling.

When I couldn’t find the words to write about the situation. I wrote what I did know. I know that Jews haven’t had a break in anti-semitism in the last 70 years. And before that, well, we all know what happened in Europe. So I wrote a poem, a few actually. But the one I’m sharing with the world is a testament to us, to the Nation of Israel. I made Aliyah because I believe deep in my heart that Jews have the right to self determination in our ancestral homeland. I wanted to return myself to Zion, like so many before me had.

Never Again

You whispered Never Again 

as we Exiled to Rome

We built colosseums and 

our commitments to keeping our faith 

Repeating the words every morning, noon, and night

“Return us to Zion” 


You whispered Never Again 

In 1492 when we boarded ships to the new world

calling ourselves Conversos

Looking for a freedom 

we did not yet know

And we prayed amongst riches of the New World

“Return us to Zion”


You whispered Never Again 

through emancipation proclamations

As we left our religion at the helm 

when we embarked into the new cities

from the pale of settlement and some 

Called out and said 

“We will Return ourselves to Zion”


You whispered Never Again 

as we marched home in the thawing spring

not in single file

Not in the face of death, 

but in the face of a world who 

screamed promises of “Never Again”

And we returned to Zion 


We’ve returned to Zion, 

ruling her once more

And the world sits by watching and protesting 

against the Life of the Jews who scream 

“we have no place left to go. We are here. 

The Nation of Israel Lives.” 

We scream out to you 

“Never Again.”

About the Author
Nitza Goldman is a 22 -year-old Jew from Las Vegas, Nevada who spent two years learning at Midreshet Amudim, before making Aliyah. She is currently at Bar Ilan University studying Jewish Art.
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