A “Thank You” from Diaspora to The Anti-Semite

Dear Anti-Semite (in all forms),

Thank you. Despite your tireless efforts all throughout history, to eliminate my people, you have failed. Sure, some of us were lost to your repugnant ways, but many of us survived. As of late, your efforts are only making us stronger. You are strengthening us as a people, and as a nation. You are helping to rebuild our homeland, Israel—and what a job you are doing!

With each breath that you utter a hate filled comment, with each sickening stroke of the key that  you send out a tweet, with each revolting demonstration you take part in, you are making Israel stronger. With your efforts, you are helping Diaspora Jews reach an epiphany, during which you help them realize that there is only one truly welcoming place for them.

You tried your best to wipe out my people, but we arose from the ashes. The hatred and intolerance shown to us in Europe and Arab counties may have forced many to move, but what a move we made! Your tactless efforts aided in the creation of our homeland (which we will fight to defend, obviously).

You have succeeded in passing your mantle of hatred to the Far-Left. Sadly, most of you in the Far Left are my best friends, my mentors, and my brothers and sister. It breaks my heart that you are so misguided. I shan’t weep for you, however. Take pride in this: you are the modern builders of Israel. Your unfounded hatred allows you to enigmatically march with Islamic Radicals on the streets of the USA, France, Great Britain and beyond. Of course you say you believe in human rights for all, but it never seems to include Jews (hypocritical? I think so!) It is striking; where were your banners of protest when Russian forces attacked Ukraine and downed a passenger jet? Where were your hate-filled marches when Boko Haram kidnapped thousands of girls in Iraq? Where are your demonstrations against the bloody Christian persecution in Northern Iraq and Syria? The fact is, you care far less for human rights than you let on. It is all smoke and mirrors when it comes to your true self. A “self” devoid of love, and filled with internal hatred that you manifest outwardly.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that it is, in part, because of your actions that the Jewish people are HOME. Your acts of hatred have paved the way for us to fulfill prophesy by turning a desert into an oasis. It is because of your repugnant protests, acts of murder and other violence, your intimidation on campus, your hate-filled Facebook comments and tweets that, as painful as all of this is, has made my people stronger.

Thanks to your insistent need to see the Jewish State cease to exist; you have made countless Diaspora Jews make Aliya. You have aided in the creation of the Jewish State—the only democracy in the Middle East. You have given us the pride needed to create one of the best defense forces the world has ever seen. Your continued hatred that insists in companies’ divestment from Israel is only making the Israeli economy stronger. You, my dear anti-Semitic friend are aiding in creating a stronger and more vibrant Israel. So I say it again, thank you.

Scotty Hagerman

Diaspora, USA

About the Author
Scotty Hagerman is currently a graduate student of Social Work specializing in Psychotherapy at Concord University. He holds a B.A. with a Double Major in History with an emphasis in Philosophy and also Political Geography with an emphasis in Environmental Law with Honors.