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A tragic ZOB story: Do remainers fear a ‘Zionist-Occupied-Brexit?’ (I)

Conspiracy theory

Is Brexit an insidious Jewish plot to destroy the world?!

Presumably not, but I’m not entirely clear the anti-Brexit agitation mob got the memo yet!

The Remainers have lost their minds and are already down on all fours, chewing the carpet, foaming at the mouth about ‘The Cabal.’

Sound familiar?

Yes, that’s right: the party of ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusion,’ who are never done preening and pouting, prancing and pesteriferously pomp-and-circumstancing about their anti-racist credentials, are now using some rather bizarre language, reminiscent of nothing so much as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or a standard issue woke Cybercorbyinista.

Just one simple Twitter discloses tons of sinister references to the ‘Cabal’ that is apparently the root of all evil in Britain today, or is it the world as a whole?

Vague, vague, vacuous.

It is not entirely clear how many of the figures below are aware of the sinister history of the term ‘Cabal.’ In some cases, the people below may simply be using it to mean ‘Clique.’ However, given the constant rise of antisemitism from White Nationalists, Communists and Islamic Fundamentalists, it is difficult to be blase and dismissive about the possibility of at least some of the following figures knowing exactly what the history of the term is. I will not speculate on individuals here; but no matter whether any one of the following people spoke either out of historical ignorance or out of some sinister motive, it has to be stopped!

Right now.

Corbyn’s Cabal

The keepers of the true faith will keep the faith until the bitter end. Leaders come and leaders go ( hopefully as soon as possible). So I am staying in to help rid labour of this unelectable cabal just like I did in 1980s.

Canoe of Heroes

Nice article -full of ‘shoulds’. But he won’t will he? Pretty obvious after four years. To quote Margaret Beckett he’s never ‘given a toss’. Which means he & cabal don’t give a toss about voters and members. Remainers have to paddle our own canoe

Corporal Clegg & the Cabal

Seeing the bile against Nick Clegg today, you’d almost think he’d taken the country into an illegal war, launched a disastrous referendum to leave the EU or allowed a cabal of Brexit-supporting anti-Semites to take over his party.

… Psst! PRO TIP: If you’re fighting against antisemitism, like Joe here, read up on your history, and think about the implications of using a word commonly used by antisemites (even out of mere ignorance), when there are better alternatives out there.

Golfers of the World Unite!

We are about to see the installation of a scoundrel as PM by a small cabal of ageing xenophobic golf club bores who will crash us out of the EU causing irreparable damage to our country and it can’t be stopped. Think about that. Voters cannot stop Johnson and cannot stop no deal.

To Split or Not to Split

I admire Corbyn for sticking to his principles but we need an opposition party that can oppose the Brexit cabal and provide a vision of fairer better UK within the EU before we end up with 10 years Johnson Government and Rees-Mogg as Home Secretary!

‘Conspirators’ of ‘the Cabal’

Caroline Flint has just confirmed, live on the Andrew Marr Show that she will vote for a no deal Brexit if a WA is not agreed by October. It must be assumed that the other 25 members of the Brexi-Labour cabal will do the same. These Tory conspirators have no place in Labour.

A Right Jez Hunt

Hunt belongs to May’s cabal and as her is dangerously ambition politician who only wants to be PM. More over his wife is Chinise so that welcomed by Bolshevic’s London and never expect him to deliver Brexit.

More installments to follow later. If you see any plum picks of unhinged Remain rhetoric yourself, feel free to contact me; all bloggers at TOI have a message box!

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