A Trump Presidency May be Good for US Democracy

I can’t stand Donald Trump for every reason we have all heard. But I may vote for him as a way of salvaging American democracy. For Trump’s only plus point that I can see is he’s an outsider, like Bernie Sanders, bucking the system in his own way. And that is good for democracy.

America’s complicated electoral system and its deeply flawed primary process is the opposite of Israel’s populist based proportional representation system.

The American people deserve a clear choice. And from the outset it appeared that choice would guarantee some perceived minority group member would again sit in the White House…either a woman, a Jew or a billionaire. Now, through primary irregularities and vote rigging, the latest incident at the Nevada Democratic Convention, that choice now seems to be between just Hillary Clinton and Trump.

Yet, the reason I will not be voting for Mrs. Clinton is, as Sanders has repeatedly pointed out, because she’s part of a political machine of the one-per centers and takes money from foreign interests. And that machine is the Democratic National Committee, which has carefully manipulated the electoral process to grossly favor its anointed candidate over all other Democrats.

First, we must realize that organizations such as the DNC and Republican National Committee are actually private concerns, not part of the government and not mandated by the Constitution. Yet, through generations they have taken on the air of being the only two games is town, when in fact, as Trump and Sanders have shown, anyone with loads of money can run for president.

Normally one might figure the Republicans, with their millionaire class, would be more apt to fiddle the candidate selection process or the elections themselves. Remember the Florida fiasco that gave GW the win?

But now the Dems seem to be mired in dirt with four questionable primaries, Iowa, Arizona, New York and Nevada, the latter being a disgraceful example of voter suppression. Yet, even with lawsuits and accusations, nothing ever gets done about these travesties.

In Britain when election fraud or serious irregularities are proven, the election is re run. This never happens here, the home of democracy. America used to meet the future with the ability to change. This isn’t the case these days with the exception of who can use what restroom.

As for Mrs. Clinton, the Good Wife aka Lady Macbeth, I lost respect for her when she didn’t divorce her husband after he left office for all the shit he heaped on her the previous eight years. That coupled with the unresolved Vince Foster death, all the BS she has thrown around during her flip-flop years as Secretary of State and a reported $100 million in donations from repressive Arab regimes made me wonder if she’s a decent pick for the job.

But just as important, we seem to be gradually slipping into a mode normally reserved for past empires and banana republics…that of the imperial dynastic presidency.

From the outset of the Vietnam War, before it was a war, US presidents have more and more been getting things done through executive orders rather than going through congress. In the case of President Obama’s frequent use of this action it’s mainly because the Congress is so gridlocked little gets done.

This sort of mirrors ancient Rome, which for hundreds of years had been an elitist ruled republic. But when the senate became so moribund and useless, Julius Caesar broke the law by bringing his army into the capital and then took over the country. He became the first emperor and established first dynasty of Caesarian emperors.

One reason Jeb Bush had a failed nomination bid was because for America two Bushes were more than enough. Yet, now after 16 years the Clintons are back. And it doesn’t look good for the democratic process. The 22nd Amendment limited a president to two terms. Yet with the possible election of Mrs. Clinton, one could say Bill would be getting a third term.

I’m all for a female president., but there’s something unseemly about a former First Lady moving back into the White House as President, while her husband a former president moves back in as the First Gent.

What the DNC needs is a swift hard kick in the butt forcing it to become an open and democratic, a party all people can admire. And I hate to say this but the only way to achieve this may be electing Donald Trump president.

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