A Twisted World

Last night a thirteen-year-old girl was murdered as she slept, she was stabbed multiple times and her attacker was only a few years older then she was. This wasn’t a robbery, it wasn’t an accident and it wasn’t political. It was in its most evident sense cold-blooded murder. To kill anyone is to destroy ones soul, but a child? An innocent child who’s crime was that she was Israeli?

At this point, after all this time I feel as though perhaps I should be numb to hearing things like this. Over the last few months we who sit in exile have heard countless stories of shootings, of stabbings of murder in the name of ideology and pure evil. We have seen Israeli’s mourn and Palestinians celebrate with candy and treats in the street. We have seen a government incite in Arabic and condemn in English. We have seen a world who closes its eyes to what should be easy to see.  And we have seen even members of Israel’s own government encourage and justify murder and destruction. Its lunacy but it seems ever present and I feel as though I should be numb. I’m not though, each incident filling my brain with anger and my heart with pain for my family, for my nation and for the world.

And as we mourn the death of Hallel Yaffe Ariel, the cold blooded murder that took place in a place called Kiryat Arba a place filled with so much significance to the Jewish people because it is where one of the mothers of the Jewish people is buried I also feel the need to say this. The family of this terrorist, the government of the Palestinians, the Palestinian Authority will reward them for this atrocity, reports relay different numbers but estimates can be anywhere from 3500 upwards if a terrorist sits in prison for murder and more then that will go to their family is killed. In 2011-2012 as much as 150 million was given to the families of terrorists. So I implore you, call your representatives and demand that they stop the 400 million that we contribute to the PA’s budget. Demand the end to the funding of terrorism. As long as we contribute financially to this entity, we are funding what happened last night and what continues to happen.

So yes please together we will mourn and we will pray, but we are Americans and Europeans and even more so we are all human beings. Lets stop contributing to the direct funding of the killing of innocents. Let us condemn the PA president’s awful speech in the UN in which he continues to incite, and let us pray together for peace to reign throughout the world, which has become so twisted, and so terrifying for all of us.

The majority may remain silent, the governments and the media so ready to blame Israel but not to defend it but we must not stay quiet. In a free society we have a responsibility to call out terrorism and injustice and not  and not allow for politics to corrupt our minds and souls.

Today we are all Israeli

Israeli flag

About the Author
Lianne is a student at Suny Albany studying political science with a global concentration, with a minor in Business.
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