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A Unique Window Of Opportunity is Transforming Jerusalem into the World’s Capital of Humanity

The holy city is more than the capital of Israel - and has the potential to be the capital of humanity
An ultra-Orthodox man enters the Intel high-tech compound in Jerusalem. (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)
An ultra-Orthodox man enters the Intel high-tech compound in Jerusalem. (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

I’m here in Israel for three months for an engagement with the Rackspace Startup Program.


While I am based in Tel Aviv, I am spending at least one, and sometimes two days a week in Jerusalem.

I tend to learn more about a place when I go there, leave, return, leave and return over and over again.

And so I am now back from another long and inspiring day in Jerusalem.

What I am learning is that it’s not just the nation’s capital.


I am seeing that after being around for 3,000 years, and given everything that is going on there, I believe that history will one day look back on this time period we are living in and we’ll see that Jerusalem evolved into becoming the global capital of humanity.


Jerusaleum Mayor, Nir Barkat (middle) and Deputy Mayor, Ofer Berkowitz (to his left) at a recent meetup aimed at redefining and Jerusalem as The Creative Capital of The Startup Nation

There are startups from all over the world, coming here to see and experience Jerusalem. There’s a great MeetUp group focused on helping to transform the city’s brand.

Community, Creativity & Diversity.

Made In Jerusalem is non-profit initiative, founded by Hanan Brand, Roy Munin, and Uriel Shuraki. They are working to develop, support, and connect Jerusalem’s vibrant and growing innovation ecosystem and provide a platform for business and social connection.

Oh… there’s also #MadeinJLM that has two sub-groups — DevOpsJLM for developers andGameDevJLM for game developers in the city. The MadeinJLM project is based on three elements:

No matter what your religious values and beliefs may be, you know that when you come to Jerusalem, the religion of startup culture transcends everything and everyone.


My new BFF, Diane Be’ery with EverMinder, who I hang out with at the PICO Jerusalem.

While no one can predict the future, I can only say that by the meetings I am having, the government and non-profit initiatives I see happening here, the doors that are being opened, positive social businesses models are embracing the cloud to unbundle themselves from traditional computing methods — and thinking.

There’s this unleashing of massive creative forces I am seeing here — stuff that CNN, The New York Times, etc. just don’t cover — yet.

Maybe the history books will.

In the mean time, keep your eyes on Jerusalem.

“The times, they are a change’n…”

All photos (except for the Made In JLM image) by me on my iPhone 6 using SnapSeed & Instagram (c) 2014

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Alan Weinkrantz is a Tech PR / Startup Communications advisor to Israeli and U.S. companies, and is the Brand Ambassador and Senior Advisor for James Brehm & Associates, one of the leading IoT (Internet of Things) strategy and consulting firms.
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