Nurit Greenger

A War for Quiet

Israel is seeking what the world wants to deny from her, peace and quiet.

What other country but the Jewish country has to invent and have an Iron Dome so that her citizens do not get zapped by rockets indiscriminately fired at her citizens?

The prime minister of Israel has said, over and over again, Israel just wants quiet. I say, she did not have much quiet since 1948, when she was first forced to defend herself, in the War of Independence.

Israel is at war, not a military operation. Thousands of army reservists have left their daily life to defend their homeland.

Pat Condell is a smart man and his YouTube videos do not contain politically correct language. Already in 2012 he tells us who Israel is facing in Gaza:
Hamas wants one thing, Jewish blood. When you want only Jewish blood it is why Hamas broke every ceasefire they, kind of, agreed to and no agreement with them is worth the paper it is written on. Hamas makes their own people expendable; that is why there is no two states solution and never will be, as long as the Hamas is around and that is why they need to be defeated, decisively and permanently or this madness will never, ever stop. Shaking off these fanatical, violent, barbarians is the only way the Arab-Palestinians will ever be truly liberated and if the rest of us really care about peace, we should be honest enough to admit all that.

Israel, at large, for the past two weeks has been under rocket attacks, every few seconds and over 1000 rockets landed in vast part of her land. And what the president of the United States, Obama and his secretary of state Kerry have to say to that? Israel, we ask you to practice restraint, do not escalate the fighting!? What a chutzpah!

When the allies, among them the United States, fought Nazi Germany were they told to practice restraint? Nope! When the USA entered the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has anyone told the president of the country to practice restraint? What a chutzpah to ask Israel to restrain herself, meaning stop defending herself properly.

Instead of the world standing, unconditionally, hand in hand with Israel, they try impeding Israel defending herself. Will they do the same if any other country has been attacked as Israel was attacked by Hamas, again and again? Nope! What a chutzpah, but this behavior goes hand in hand with, bias, hypocrisy, duplicity and anti-Semitism. No kidding.

Those who attack Israel, those, who use the wrong terminology when addressing Israel and they hold Israel to different standard, which they themselves will never follow, are expressing anti-Semitism sentiments. No kidding. And when they behave in this way, they mean you and me, they mean every Jew on earth. It is a war against us, Jews, against me, a Jewess.

My wish, my pray: be united Jews, as should one nation be united. Leave any and all differences aside. The stronger Israel gets the stronger every Jew is. Being as one makes us, Jews, stronger and the stronger we are the more justice we will get to be on our side.

Israel has the anti-missile Iron Dome technology. God has His own Iron Dome to protect Israel and together it makes an iron fist. When Hamas is destroyed, then quiet within Israel’s borders will take over from the insanity of sirens, missiles’ attacks and anti-Semitic vitriol. Strong Israel means, good over evil, means a better world for Jews and for all decent people.

I pray for Israel’s soldiers to win this war decisively and I pray for the least of war casualties.

About the Author
Nurit is an advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States and the Free World in general and sees Israel and the United States, equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom. Since 2006, she has been writing about events in these two countries. From Southern California, Nurit believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.