A working Mother would like to know: How does this Work?

Last week, my three-and-a-half year old’s teacher told me that the daycare would be closed from Tuesday through Friday for Shavuot. I didn’t realize that Shavuot also had a Chol Hamoed similar to the many days off for Passover. And like other defeated parents, I am also concerned with the amount of vacation days, just before the big summer vacation but a mere few weeks away.

Am I frustrated? Well, I am writing this blog post, so the answer is obvious. But more frustrating than the fact that my son is off, is that my younger son, who just turned one, does have provided daycare, including Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Trying to understand the logic behind these decisions is like trying to stand in line for the bus.

It seems like there is a double standard working within the education system and I have yet to crack the code. Why should my baby have more hours in daycare than my toddler? Or than elementary school-age children and high school kids? The same day that I learned of this super long vacation before the really super long vacation, I was also informed that daycare ends on June 30 and additional daycare services known as Kaytana will not be provided (this shock may only be a local issue but I felt it necessary to share in the article if only to help you understand the mamma-drama I am facing).

I am writing this to ask for advice from other parents that may be able to solve this quandary. Why is the system built this way? Is it old-fashion laws? What do you, as a parent do with your toddlers when you are working through these holidays? And what about the summer? I hope this is a place where I can find advice, support and hopefully some answers!

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