A Zionist’s Metaphor

Pack your metaphorical bags for a metaphorical trip to a Zionist’s metaphor.

The world is like the human body and the Jews are like the blood of the body.

ok, my metaphor is a really a simile.

In my metaphor/simile, the nations of the world are like the head and limbs of the body but the Jews are the blood.

Just as blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain and limbs, the Jews carry Torah into the world.

As blood carries the oxygen and nutrients to the body, it picks up the impurities. The blood cells need to be reoxygenated. The impurities need to be removed.

God has given the Jews what they need to remove the impurities and replenish their souls. God has given us the vital organs. These vital organs are the state of Israel.

Israel is the lungs, liver, kidneys and maybe even the spleen (I am not certain what the spleen actually does) Maybe the spleen is the West Bank and we don’t really need it. Don’t ask me about biology, it is the only science class I did not get an A in and I haven’t looked at a biology book since 9th grade.

If you are one of the Jews who has not returned to Israel, then you do not know what you are missing. You do not understand what your soul needs. Visiting Israel is an experience like no other. You will feel it in your soul. Israel is your home. Israel will help you remember where you came from, where you belong, and why you are here. The land breathes with a mystical spirit that will revive you. If you don’t believe me then ask your friends who have been there.

Jews are red blood cells and white blood cells. Like red blood cells we bring oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the world. Like white blood cells we fight infections in the body. We bring values and good deeds. We help make the body healthy.

Look, Jews are not perfect. We suffer from sickle cell anemia.

Israel is not perfect. Our lungs look like we have been chain smoking cigarettes and our liver is like that of an alcoholic.

But the prognosis is good. We can cure our illnesses.

We need the red cells to return to Israel and be revitalized. We need the white blood cells to return to Israel and help fight off the infections that are attacking our vital organs.

Some of us blood cells are tired of running around the body all the time and want to be a different type of cell. Maybe a taste bud on the tongue, that job seems like all you have to do is lie around and taste the sweet things in life. It is possible, to stop being a blood cell and join the taste buds. But I don’t really think that life is truly sweeter there. Our bodies put a lot of nasty things in our mouths too.

I wish we were all stem cells and could produce whatever our body needs but my daughter the neuroscientist tells me that stem cells aren’t magic and can’t solve all our problems.

We have to just keep on being the blood cells.

But by being healthy blood cells and fulfilling our purpose we can help cure the world.

But the first step is returning home.

I am sitting at the gate getting ready to board my flight back home to Israel. I will be in Israel for almost two months before I have to return back to the States to earn a living. It may seem hard to some to commute back and forth from Israel to the USA. But I can tell you that I am thrilled to be returning. My soul knows what it needs. I need to wander the ancient stones of Jerusalem. I need to lookout at the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. I need to hike the green hills of the Galilee and the wadis of the Negev. I need to be with my people.

And when I return to the USA, I will be rejuvenated.

About the Author
David Brent is a NASA engineer with a master's and bachelor's from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology turned candy entrepreneur. He made aliya in the spring of 2013. David commutes between Israel, where his heart is, and Florida, where his business is.