Abbas Defies Logic….Again

Mahmoud Abbas who has a history of making statements in direct conflict with facts has produced another one. However, before including his latest venture into the land of fantasy let’s take a quick look at his previous salvos.

He’s accused Israel of being a “racist state.” Logic says otherwise, since Israel is the only free democracy in the entire Middle East. It is also the only country in the region where complete freedom of worship exists for all religions, including Islam.

He makes demands which he requires be met before negotiations can begin. This illogical notion is contrary to internationally accepted rules of diplomacy.

He also states Israel’s home construction on land he demands is the major stumbling block to facilitating a two state solution. Logic dictates  the biggest obstacle to peace is his rejection of accepting Israel as a Jewish state.

With a lengthy resume of rather amazing statements, his latest utterance shouldn’t come as a great surprise to those who follow his ongoing legacy. So what is his most recent comment devoid of logic?

Hamas isn’t a terrorist organization?

While being interviewed recently on Russian TV Abbas stated that Hamas is not a terrorist organization and should not be classified as such. Really? Apparently Mr. Abbas has his own view of what a terrorist organization is.

Maybe a short checklist of characteristics of a terrorist organization may clarify thing for him. For example-

  • Kidnapping soldiers and holding them for ransom?
  • Suicide bombers who murder innocent civilians?
  • Firing over 10,000 rockets at innocent civilian population?

A “yes” answer to any of these items would confirm said organization as terrorist. In reality, with respect to Hamas, the answer is “yes” to all of these. Thus, there can be no doubt they are a terrorist organization. However, not in Mr. Abbas’s world of logic.

Hamas hasn’t fired rockets?

As if stating Hamas is not a terrorist organization isn’t enough to raise eyebrows, he went on to say that Hamas has not been launching rockets toward Israel, claiming “after the second intifada we [Palestinians] decided to give up on armed resistance.” Again I say really? I am left wondering if Hamas hasn’t launched any rockets since 2000, who he thinks has been firing them.

The fact is Hamas runs the Gaza Strip. They have iron clad control over everything which goes on there, and routinely round up and execute anyone who opposes them. It’s almost laughable to suggest Hamas hasn’t been launching rockets for the past 13 years. Then again, we must consider the source.

It’s also difficult to determine which of his statement is more absurd than the other. However, we should not be surprised. His remarks come with a long history of statements absent of logic. Lest we forget this is a man whose college thesis was about denying the Holocaust. Making such a statement is on par with suggesting murder is a necessary tool for population reduction. Denying the Holocaust is so offensive it’s become a criminal offense in Germany. Sadly, Abbas is not alone with such comments.

It doesn’t end there however. In spite of irrefutable historical and archeological evidence he’s also denied any Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

It seems the best way to describe him is he doesn’t allow facts to affect what he believes, or his agenda. I suppose there are people who accept what he says as logical. They are most likely direct descendants of those who believe the moon is made of cheese.

 Mr. Abbas, I wonder if you might consider doing us a favor. Would you consider making statements which comply with logic, instead of defy it? If you do we might be able to take you seriously.

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Dan Calic is a freelance writer, history student and speaker.