When I was growing up, there were always people that you didn’t want to associate with so as not to get a bad name.  If you hung out with a mobster, there was a pretty good chance that you were in fact a mobster. It’s called guilt by association.

I guess Mahmoud Abbas never learned this lesson. In fact, as recent events have proven, it’s unfortunate but the world doesn’t seem to care who Abbas associates with. They are happy to host him around the world and keep throwing money at him, so he can continue to masquerade as our peace partner.

As a show of thanks to the US and Israel for their efforts to help the peace process and for releasing terrorists and murderers with blood on their hands, Abbas decided that the best thing to do would be to create a unity government with Hamas.

This new Palestinian unity government between Fatah and Hamas, headed by Abbas, creates a symbiotic relationship between the 2 parties. Abbas gets to tell the world that he represents ALL Palestinians, and Hamas gets the PA to pay their salaries with the generous donations that come in from the world.

So now, US and EU tax dollars are going directly to fund Hamas, a terrorist organization.

So if Abbas heads the unity government with Hamas, shouldn’t that make him a terrorist too? How can the world allow him to distance himself from this heinous act by Hamas? The only words we have heard from the US government, have been from Jen Psaki, the Spokesperson for the State Department. She says that the US is “encouraged by Abbas’s strong statement against the kidnappings” which only took 4 days for us to hear from him. Shouldn’t President Obama be condemning the kidnappings in the strongest terms and freezing all US aid to the terrorist entity presided over by Abbas?

Our own Tzipi Livni is also encouraged, as she congratulates Abbas for coming out against the kidnapping but how about condemning the fact that Abbas is presiding over a government with terrorists?  After all, everyone knows that Abbas is a moderate.  He should know better than to keep such company.

Either Abbas runs the PA government or he doesn’t, and if he isn’t in charge, why are we allowing the US to push us into a peace deal with someone who clearly doesn’t represent the people he says he represents.

The bottom line is:

  • When you see pictures of young Arab children raising 3 fingers in support of the kidnapping
  • When an Arab MK publicly states that kidnapping is not terrorism
  • When an Arab youth who supports Israel and demands the return of our Boys, starts to receive death threats
  • When a public call goes out to erase any CCTV footage in Hebron and other Arab territories to impede the search for our Boys

It is time to accept the fact that we do not have a partner for peace and to take the necessary actions to take control of our own security.


About the Author
Daniel made aliyah over 16 years ago from the US, and has been working in Hi-tech/telecom during that time.
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