Abu Mazen is not an “Angel of peace”

I do not know how Pope Francis got the idea to call Abu Mazen “Angel of Peace”. It was an odd choice. Abu Mazen never gave the impression to be so firmly committed to peace. On the contrary, he put insurmountable obstacles to it, especially if you consider the ceaseless incitement to hatred against the Israeli people. Some of the statements from the speech he delivered before the UN are adequately clarifying on the matter.

Once again, we had to listen to words like “genocide”, and hear references to the International criminal court. He sees all Israelis as criminals. Abu Mazen is the man who agreed to name a square after Dalal al Mughrabi, the female terrorist who led the slaughter of 35 Israeli civilians on a bus, including 12 children.

The terrorists responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people, including women and children, are regularly glorified in the public discussion. They are the heroes of Abu Mazen’s masses , while the Government pays monthly salaries to the imprisoned terrorists’ families. The official daily newspaper of the Palestinian Authority published a cartoon celebrating the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in June 2014.

The alliance with Hamas is not a coincidence: his reasons of opportunity are patent, and it is certainly not a sign of pacifism that Abu Mazen decided to make a deal between his government and an organization that promises to exterminate the Jewish People, constantly striving to put its intentions into practice.

Abu Mazen is the man who said that a Palestinian State should be “juden rein”, clean of Jews, and that he will never accept the definition of Israel as the “State of the Jewish People”.

He is a man who insists on the right of return for the Palestinians, who would dismember Israel, who never responded to Ehud Olmert’s proposal when he offered him between 96 and 98 percent of the West Bank, as well as territorial exchanges like several East Jerusalem neighborhoods and the Temple Mount. Fatah, his organization, does not skimp on the worst blood libels against Israel, while accusations of apartheid, genocide and violence are the daily bread on television, on the newspapers and in the schools.

The protagonists of the wave of terror plaguing again the streets of Jerusalem since 2013 are mostly from Fatah, not from Hamas. Now Abu Mazen, drawing upon his growing international consensus, is posing increasingly difficult conditions to restart the negotiations. Angel of peace, pray for us.

About the Author
Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.