Accord with UAE -Peace without Peace Education?

It is hard to join the euphoria for the new peace accord which Israel and the UAE now negotiate.

We witness a “Déjà vu”: Israel repeats the tragic mistakes of the peace accords with Egypt, the PLO and Jordan – In each “peace process”, Israel only operated on the political level and allowed belligerent education to continue.

In the case of the UAE, this is not just a cold peace. What we have here is short term gratification and long term enmity

For example. the UAE quadrupled its donation to UNRWA from $12 million dollars a year n 2017 to $51 million dollars per annam in 2019.

​Funds flow to UNRWA schools at a time when UNRWA education is based on three principles, according to our think tank’s examination of all 364 Arab textbooks used by UNRWA:

  1. Challenging legitimacy of the Jewish State, asserting that Jews have no place in the Middle East
  2. Demonizing Jews
  3. Continuing the war to liberate all of ‘Palestine’

The UAE cannot have it both ways – to promote coexistence with Israel and promote Jihad against the Jews at the same time.

Over the next three weeks before Rosh haShana (the Jewish New Year), a time of reflection and introspection, the details of the accord with the UAE will be hammered out.

This is the time for Israel’s friends to demand the inclusion of a clause in the UAE accord to mandate peace education and reject UAE aid to the UNRWA Jihad Curriculum.


2011 1,824,959 1,800,000


2012 1,000,000 2,163,331 3,163,331
2013 2,600,000 18,564,502 21,164,502
2014 16,800,000 42,953,021 59,753,021
2015 16,799,937 8,004,634 24,804,571
2016 16,800,000 9,935,051 26,735,051
2017 12,800,001 2,147 12,802,148
2018 53,800,000 53,800,000
2019 51,800,000 51,800,000


A Simple “Two-Step” Emirates Plan for Peace in the Middle East?

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