Achilles Heel

US Secretary of State John Kerry boards his plane on departure from Ben Gurion International Airport on Monday, on Monday, January 6, 2014 (Photo credit: Matty Stern/US Embassy of Tel Aviv/Flash 90)‘Kerry threatens to cut off PA aid if no peace deal signed’

Times of Israel: January 09, 2014



‘Kerry threatens to cut PA aid if no peace deal signed’ | The Times of Israel

Mr. Kerry’s push for peace may be entering into a more aggressive phase than that of earlier times. But that won’t stop a whole load of others pushing back and generally throwing several large spanners into all of his work so far.

The result, to date, has been a disappointing lack of progress and this latest glimpse behind the scenes would seem to confirm this verdict. Unless what is still hidden from public view can positively address the various issues outstanding, there is a mountain to climb here, one that gets steeper with every day that passes.

The path Mr. Kerry has chosen seems little changed from that of previous ventures along very similar lines. Both sides have been persuaded to meet, with the exception of the Hamas contingent, at the behest of an American administration determined to kick-start the peace process once again. The same obstacles remain, however, and all of those now tasked with surmounting them stand in danger of being just as unsuccessful as the many others that have tried before.

Is there anything then that might materially assist the current batch of peacemakers plying their sometimes thankless and often futile trade?

A medical analogy might prove useful here.                                               If a person needs to undergo major surgery for an operation designed to restore him or her to better health, it is generally preferable to induce complete sedation prior to such a procedure. But there are certain people who do not respond well to anaesthesia or have a pre-existing condition that prevents its use.

In such cases, a local anaesthetic may be administered, numbing one part of the body while the rest of it remains wide-awake and fully functional.

Could it be possible to do much the same for the Israeli/Palestinian patient, suppressing certain well-known response centres until repairs necessary for the fullest recovery can be carried out? The ability to isolate or make quiescent all adverse reactions towards any peace initiative might well prove to be the Achilles heel of a conflict long deemed invulnerable to every other form of remedy.

Here the normally combative instincts on all sides are rendered entirely useless, actually reversed as a means of realising the dreams and ambitions of lifetimes past and present.

I doubt if Mr.Kerry’s rumoured threat to withhold PA aid will improve the situation. But, if he really has been reduced to such desperate measures, then finding the Laxian Key would be a much better bet all round.  And much more statesmanlike than doing this apparent imitation of a drowning man clutching at straws.Achilles by Sinead Reed | Heroes: Text and Hypertext



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