Adar — אֲדָר‎ @ Sefer Yetzira


The Tribe associated with Adar is
whose name was incised in the
Breastplate of the High Priest
The banner of Naftali in the desert
showed an antlered deer,
according to Jacob’s blessing,
suggesting dispatch and avidity
in performing the commandments.
נַפְתָּלִי אַיָּלָה שְׁלֻחָה הַנֹּתֵן אִמְרֵי שָׁפֶר

Naftali is a deer sent (on a mission)
expressing words of eloquence.
(Genesis 49: 21)

Naftali’s “mission” is hinted
according to the Zohar by the
inclusion in his name –
the word nofet נֹפֶת
meaning sweetness.
Naftali comes to “sweeten”
the cold and grim winter reality
with joy and laughter,
which of course connects with Purim
and the month’s חוש or Attribute.

The Hebrew Letter which permeates
ADAR is the KUF קוף
which means monkey
or holy “monkeying around”
such as inducing laughter during
the Purim festivities.
Also the form of the KUF,
composed of a RAISH ר
and an elongated ZION ז
is rather unstable, even “tipsy

connecting to the requirement
to get spiritually drunk on Purim

חייב איניש לבסומי עד דלא ידע
One must drink to the state of
“beyond knowing”

as suggested in the video art below:


What should happen in this condition
is that the elongated KUF
which symbolizes the descent
into the klippot, the Sitra Achra
or extraneous forces
gets “circumcised” and turns into a
Holy HAI ה
which is the Hebrew Letter that
permeates the following month of NISSAN:


The Zodiac Sign or מזל of ADAR
is Pisces (Fishes) or דגים

dagimacrylics on canvas 40″ x 42″ (102 x 107 cm)

Fishes can only live in the sea
or other aggregates of water
called the Hidden World
since its denizens are usually unseen.
Water in general refers to the Torah
מים חיים
from which we all can drink
but only the Big Fish
who study the secrets of the kabbalah
can plunge to the depths.

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About the Author
Dov Lederberg is engaged in the converging vectors of art and science, but receives added inspiration from Kabbalah teachings & meditation and tries to create visual forms (in paintings on canvas but also video art) conducive to mystical experience and self-transformation. 
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