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The opposite of war is nuance

Adventures of a Young Mashiach, Part 1

Here is one interesting interpretation of what Mashiach’s adventure may first look like when he comes, so we may as well start asking these questions while we wait for him. With divine hope and creativity is how we should be looking at all our problems anyway. 

I definitely don’t claim to be Mashiach, for I would be “riding a donkey” indeed (Zechariah 9:9). I am a shy, quiet, unimportant, introvert, who probably couldn’t get a dog to listen to me. I can just imagine old Jewish ladies sarcastically saying, “Ah, that’s all we need.” In a book I wrote, I joke that if I ever do accomplish anything important and have a party to celebrate, people would gently push me aside as they make their way through the crowd looking for the most important person in the room. I didn’t grow up observant and didn’t even start getting close to Judaism until after age 40. And, I have zero interest in power or honor or attention whatsoever. I just want peace and quiet. But I thought this was a cute title and playful writing trope considering the fascinatingly-converging topics. So, I write this satisfying my soul yet taking comfort in the consolation that probably nobody will read it. 

There are some good ideas in the Bible about Mashiach, like his bringing world peace, “Nations shall not lift the sword against nation; neither shall they learn war anymore.” (Isaiah 2:3, Micah 4:3). Every person will have a divine perspective, “The earth will be full of the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9). There will be a world government in Jerusalem, “Jerusalem will be called the City of Truth” (Zechariah 8:3). And, the smallest tribe will be mighty. (Isaiah 60:22)

With the U.N. condemning Israel more than any other nation, the Human Rights Council alone doing so 45 times since 2013, more than all other nations put together, and conflicts not surprisingly escalating nonetheless, Mashiach would be sure to face many challenges on his journey in making world peace come true.

Our creative sci-fi imaginations have apparently thought of every realm of science fiction conceivable; from space aliens, to traveling to other planets and galaxies, time travel, other dimensions, futuristic technologies and worlds. But in all our imaginations, there hasn’t been a hint, of an inkling, of the idea, that someone may invent a radically new way for humanity to better make peace amongst ourselves. 

Well maybe now we have. 

If this is the first you’re hearing of conceptually making peace amongst all of mankind, buckle your seat belt. 

I don’t know when Mashiach may come, but I can tell you a little about what the start of his adventure may look like, as I’ve also been thinking about world peace. Writing about Israel, political, and global security matters, and having difficulty organizing my own thoughts, I began seeking ways to organize the elements of the political and ideological disputes. As I continued to meditate on these concepts, they began to increasingly look like a new type of peace-building system. Having a child-like curiosity, my options are to assume they are worthless, or explore their usefulness and pass on what I learn. I could shout my ideas from rooftops hoping dogs bark back, or I write about them. So here is some of what I have discovered.

As background, in my blog ( I have written about several important related concepts. I wrote “Humanity is in its Infancy in Understanding War”, explaining that humanity is primitive in our understanding of, and our systems designed to prevent war. Wars don’t happen for the claimed excuses. In “The End of Moral Equivalence with Israel”, I explain why the world’s view of the current conflict is logically flawed. And in “The Trail of Mistakes to Nuclear War”, I explain more broadly why parties in these conflicts are making mistakes. Finally, in “The Metaphysics of Anti-Semitism”, I explain anti-Semitism, and its relation to current and future conflicts, as well as hidden clues about human nature that lie in the unconscious hatred of the Jewish people, that if better understood, might help solve all hatred amongst mankind.

Wars occur because the world develops unanswered questions that result in in-group versus out-group polarization, along unconstructive poles no less, and ideologies take on a life of their own. Nations end up going to war often without even knowing the correct question at issue. 

But imagine we could dissect the unconscious reasons why humanity goes to war with good ideas and questions. An idea can be the most powerful thing in the world, but even before that, a question to find such an idea can already start to reshape the world. It is such questions that a young Mashiach will one day ask, and we should be asking until he gets here, because otherwise, we are headed for wars:

The bad news:

Historically, our top-down global systems of leadership of nations by individuals resulted in good kings and bad kings, good times and bad times for human history. But in the age of nuclear weapons, trial and error global governance won’t be sufficient. We have ideologies that supersede leaders, sewing the next rounds of future conflicts already in the pipeline.

The world’s response to October 7th showed us that the same hatred for Jews I explain in “The Metaphysics of anti-Semitism” that arose against the Jewish people in countless localities for millennia, may one day envelop the world in our current primitivity. The U.N. General Assembly recently voted for Israel to ceasefire in its war to destroy Hamas with 153 nations in favor, just 10 opposed, and 23 abstentions. The woke youth of today ages 18-24 who don’t believe Israel should exist according to a poll by Harvard-Harris in December 2023, will become the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow. One day, Israel will be virtually alone and the U.S. will not be giving its near-sole support. Israel will be correct and nearly the whole world wrong, but it won’t matter. Anti-Semitism is not logical, but will regardless grow into a world war and nuclear war, if not this time, soon. Most simply explained, as new ideologies grow and morph, they have a proclivity to destroy their foundational morality to continue to survive. And no foundation is more necessary for new divergent ideologies to attack, than Western Civilization’s foundational Judeo-Christian values.   

The faults with the U.N.:

UN Secretary General António Guterres told the United Nations at the opening of the 77th General Assembly, “Our world is in peril and paralyzed,” and “We cannot go on like this.” He warned, “Our world is in big trouble“, that “Divides are growing deeper…”, “challenges are spreading farther,” and of “colossal global disfunction. 

As such growing new ideologies distort mankind’s “logic”, soon the “best” “wisdom” of the combined United Nations will be demanding that the Jewish state, the source of Western Civilization’s morality, be weakened so that the last 0.4% of the Middle East can become a 23rd Arab state, because 99.6% of the Middle East is not enough for them. The U.N. can barely pass a resolution against Iran or North Korea, but can easily pass 15 resolutions a year against Israel, often with the U.S. as Israel’s sole defender vetoing Security Council Resolutions. 

In 2020, the United Nations General Assembly, the forum of every member nation, 193 countries, passed 17 resolutions condemning Israel, the only democracy in its region, and only 6 against the entire rest of the world. The 2021-2022 session will likely have 14 condemning Israel, and 5 the entire rest of the world. 

Tragically, the U.N. finally made itself obsolete in 2016, when it declared that the 3000-year-old indigenous Jewish City of Jerusalem and Holy Jewish Temple don’t belong to the Jews, when the U.S. (under Obama secretly pushed for and) abstained, and allowed Security Council Resolution 2334 to pass. Not to mention Judea, which I like to say, sounds awfully Jewish. 

The U.N. failed to prevent the Russia-Ukraine war (“operation”), nor is able to prevent a potential China-Taiwan war (“reunification”). Nor can the U.N. stop the Gaza war, nor Iran’s nor North Korea’s nuclearization, despite being contrary to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Is the world going to rely on a system that requires wars be “proportional” so they last forever? A system in which the wisdom of most of the people of the world have virtually no say? A system in which the single Islamic nation has up to 57 votes, and the source of Western morality, Israel, has never been allowed to even speak at the U.N. Security Council? Not to mention, the U.N.’s reliance on our nation-state system of international law, which facilitates terrorist groups like Hamas we didn’t have pre-U.N.. Terrorists escape accountability like we’re a bewildered audience when a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, not knowing it’s Iran. 

The combined output of the world’s best minds is only as good as they system they operate in. Genocides are occurring all over the world. Now, Iran’s anti-Semitic and genocidal leadership that oppresses its own people is in a breakout for 6-10 bombs with which they admit they plan to “wipe Israel off the map”. After that, they will nuclear blackmail the rest of the Middle East and Europe. Yet much of the world is focused on ganging up on Israel militarily, politically, and legally in response to her defensive war in Gaza after the October 7th massacre, while Israel can’t even table its own General Assembly resolution in the U.N.. Now, South Africa has accused Israel of genocide in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague without looking at all the other ongoing genocides, including against Israel. In reality, many are just ideologically aligned against Israel, which causes them to see the world inaccurately. Hand-selecting only the Jewish State to be put under the microscope while it fights to recover still-kidnapped Jewish children not only goes against natural law. Simply hearing the case of the Jewish state and only the Jewish state on trial will destroy the credibility of the Court. The problem with international law is that if the “deciders” become ideological and lose perspective, they destroy the system. Judges can rule that the sky is green and the grass is blue only so long, as a teacher who teaches falsely will eventually lose all his students.  

In 75 years since Israel’s founding, the world’s moral perspective has shifted from supporting the Start-Up Nation of Nobel Prize winners to now supporting the terrorist-led Palestinians. Just imagine if a mugger snatched your wallet, and while you were struggling to take it back, the world changed its mind and passed a law making theft of wallets legal. Terrorism went from a scourge on humanity, to having global support. As long as there is political gain from opposing Israel, opposition will grow. And if a young Mashiach were here, he would be asking, “why?” And if you answered that it’s anti-Semitism, he would be asking, “why?”   

The U.N. and other current peace-building mechanisms are increasingly failing the globe and increasingly turning against Israel. We must improve the current system or invent a new one now, before the next inevitable World War, or cling to this sinking ship of an ineffective system like the League of Nations, which became a debating society that failed to prevent World War II. And by improve, I mean something better for Israel, better for the United States, better for Judeo-Christian values, better for all of Western Civilization, better for every beautiful and unique nation and tribe and culture and religion and people; and better for the whole world.

Of all the reasons Israel is being smacked around like a ping-pong ball in the U.N., the ultimate one is because we haven’t thought of something better. But by asking questions, maybe we can indeed find something better. Remember that the only thing that can stop an idea, is a better idea.

Maybe there is an idea that is much, much better.

And maybe that idea is coming.

(To be continued)

The above is, Adventures of a Young Mashiach, Part 1

The theoretical beginnings of a better global peace-building system is discussed in:

Adventures of a Young Mashiach, Part 2, posted separately.

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