Affects and Effects of Positive Thoughts vs. Negative Thoughts

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The following is a quote from one of the great mystics:

“… incredibly powerful are thoughts and the ability to imagine. They place a person in an illusionary place as if it were true. At that moment, the person is totally elevated from the nonsense and trivia of the corporeal. His awareness and aspirations are carried away, his thoughts are dancing, elevated in the realm of the spirit and soul, and his flesh (if it hurts) is estranged from him…”

The Baal Shem Tov said, “Where a person’s thoughts are, that is where the person is.”

In the Zohar it says, “Man — he is thought.” What is a man, and where is he? In his thoughts.

Through thoughts, a person’s soul, his feelings, and his life are drawn and expressed. Strength and weakness in a person’s life are all from his thoughts. Thought is like a funnel; just as through a funnel water is given shape and directed, it is through the garment and funnel of thought that the soul streams and is revealed.

When a person’s thoughts adopt a specific form and direction, the soul will follow. Thoughts that emphasize optimism and happiness will bring the soul to those places. Thoughts of the opposite nature force the soul and all aspects of a person’s being to acquiesce to that negative pattern.

As we explained previously, the influence of thought on the soul is even more significant than speech and action, the other soul garments, because of its closeness with, and constant attachment to, the soul.

Godly words and inspiration, for example, the Book of Psalms, are the ultimate thoughts of wisdom and light and are particularly beneficial for influencing, molding, and directing the soul for good.

When a person thinks Godly thoughts, it will surround and encompass the soul with Holiness, and this will trigger a shine and infinite light that knows no bounds from within the soul. This will cause the soul, a spark of God, to bring out the soul’s best and strongest goodness.

Thoughts that are the opposite of Holiness and Godliness will cause tremendous damage by stifling and strangling the soul. The choice to think unworthy, negative thoughts will shift the soul away from its light and strength to a place of darkness.

For a soul, the positive influence of a good thought and finer speech and action is much greater than the negative influence of a bad one. “Much greater is the measure of goodness over the measure of punishment.”

A small but positive light will chase away much darkness from a large dark room. Positive, inspiring thoughts are inherently more powerful than the darkness caused by negative thoughts.

The more we accustom and train ourselves to think positive thoughts, the more we train our souls to flow in a positive direction and cleanse our souls of the adverse effects that the bad garments have had on our souls.

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