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Agelast, the last age, and will this age last?

Words are so interesting…The other day, I came across a strange definition of the word agelast. It would seem as if the definition would have something to do with aging, but it actually means someone who never laughs.

Since my favorite hobby is to find as much to laugh about as possible, I find that definition very funny. It seems to me that, if you never laugh, then you can’t outlast your expectations of aging, which lasts better with fun in it.

Who is the Definition Czar, anyway? I want to strongly suggest a word or definition change to the word agelast and maybe some others. But then, who knows the definition of the word, “some”, or, of the word, “others“? And who knew that there could be so many commas in one sentence?

I’ve always wondered (well, not always, since “always“ really means a period of time in memory, and not in past eternities, which really don’t exist -at least not in our lives- except if we’re waiting for Godot) how language came about.

To that end, in a vain attempt to answer the question, I’ve read about the subject. It seems that after years of scholarly research, even famous linguists can’t say more about the origin of language other than that they really don’t know.

If only they had each just written a sentence saying, “We really don’t know!”, we all could have saved ourselves a lot of time.

That’s why I love book reviews and, even more, book reviews of book reviews… Because I often feel that most books can be summed up in one sentence, or even in a title….like War and Peace, is about war and peace. See what I mean?

Of course if authors had always written, or if they write, one sentence books, they wouldn’t (won’t) be able to pay the rent, Barnes and Noble would just sell coffee, and Jeff Bezos would have decided to go into car parts, rather than book sales in that garage.

Speaking of Barnes and Noble, Bezos, books, and words, the word agelast would be great to use in scrabble. If challenged, you could have the last laugh.

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Having been a teacher, social worker, radio show host(ess), newspaper columnist and lawyer, Audrey, now retired, writes, teaches improv, performs stand up comedy, and continues to practice turning stress into gratitude……which is sort of like practicing law: the practice won’t always result in perfection.
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