Jonny Gould
Podcaster, Jonny Gould’s Jewish State

AI-generated news bulletin on 27th September 2023

Jonny Gould’s Jewish State is at the forefront of innovation, be it as the foremost Jewish “podcast of record” and 24/7 radio station.

Now we present the world’s first AI generated radio news bulletin of Jewish and Israeli stories.

”Edmund” is an English voice generated by the powers of AI and the stories came from a variety of news websites.

This is a trial created from stories on the 27th September 2023. AI is coming. We need to engage with it fully to understand both its possibilities and shortcomings.

About the Author
Jonny Gould is a TV and radio journalist and broadcaster and his number one hit podcast on Jewish and Israeli stories has emerged as Anglo-Jewry’s go-to-interview show. “Jonny Gould’s Jewish State”, launched in 2018, is a window into the dynamic of world Jewry and Israel and serves the world as a “podcast of record“. Jonny’s also a presenter on TalkTV in the UK and a contributor to Israel’s i24News. On Sky News and the BBC, he earned a reputation for outspoken views on Israel and antisemitism, which are rarely voiced in the media.
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