Al Jazeera Does a Hit piece on Hill Top Youth

Recently Al-Jazeera did a piece Hill Top Youth called Israel’s Hilltop Youth: Thou Shalt Not Kill | Radicalised Youth which is nothing more but a propaganda piece full of lies.

The Al-Jazeera piece belittles and puts Hilltop Youth on the same playing field as Islamic terrorists who blow up buildings and murdered actual civilians according to the film maker Fatima Lianes.

Al-Jazeera’s biased report did not mention the fact many of these hill top youths are young teens and are continually harassed by Israel’s General Security Services and that there were three of them two years ago held in administrative detention without charge or trial to force a confession out of these young teens on the burning of a Palestinian home near Yitzhar.

One of the first things the documentary shows is a purple flag that says “G-d is King” which is not a phrase at all about how Jews are better than anyone else nor is it at all something that is Racist or anti-Arab but the camera zooms in at it and projects it the same way they would if it was Confederate or Nazi flag.

Rabbi Arik Asherman who is known for the radical anti-Israel group Rabbis for Human Rights claims he is attacked by settlers especially with people from the hilltop youth is a complete lie.

As a settler living in Kiryat Arba and knowing people who are hilltop youth and live on those outposts are not armed because many have been detained by law enforcement and are well known by law enforcement that they would not even be able to obtain a gun because they had several run ins with the police and have a criminal records that no one would even considered giving them permission for a gun.

Most of these kids are also really religious and spend most of their time either building or studying Torah all day and work as day laborers on building projects in Jerusalem.

They don’t exactly have the time to risk their lives in going into hostile areas to harass Arabs who would out number them.

Five minutes and seven seconds of the video Rabbi Arik Asherman shows a video where he claims he was attacked by a masked settler who in his hand has an axe and a knife and very pathethically attacks him.

If a person is coming up with an axe and a knife and tries to stab you and has the intention to kill the person the intended victim would fight back with all his might and Rabbi Asherman is not exactly a small person.

Yet, the whole scene is completely staged because there is only one person. If the hill top youth were going to come and attack Arabs they would come with at least ten people they would not attack outside of a pack since they would be going to hostile territory where they would be outnumbered.

Rabbi Asherman’s fight with a settler trying to stabbed him is totally staged and the guy who is in the mask is most likely a Bedouin who got the Tzitzit from Asherman.

He pretends to try to stab him and kick him, if he wanted to actually stab him he could have easily done it but since he doesn’t want to he pretends to try and slash him while Asherman does very little fighting if any. If he wanted to make it look a lot more realistic he would have hit the attacker back.

If this was real the attacker would be dead since the Bedouins who are a lot more use to living in the desert and are known to fight other tribes would have attacked the would be attacker and he would be dead lying in a pool of blood again proof that the whole video he shows is staged.

Throughout the video the kids mention their beliefs which are rooted in Torah and yet instead of seeing in the context of religion the documentary frames it as what radical right wing extremists were to say to non-whites.

The Hill Top Youth say that non-Jews can live in Israel as long as they follow the seven commandments of the children of Noah which is what all Torah Jews believe in with the coming of the Messiah , they say if someone comes to kill you there is a commandment to kill them first which is mentioned through Rashi as self defense they aren’t advocating to go around and hurt Arabs randomly, but everything is seen through a lenses of intolerance to Judaism and their adherents.

Of course Fatima goes on to mention the burning of the home in Duma by blaming the Jews just like the British blamed the Jews for killing a Christian child in 1215 and leading to their expulsion.

There have been Jews that have murdered Palestinians like the Jews who kidnapped and murdered the Arab child in East Jerusalem in 2014 or Baruch Goldstein who murdered innocent Muslim worshippers.

One can easily condemn these people because there was a conviction and we know who did it, in the case of Duma no one knows who did it and because there were no leads in to anything the Israeli Shin Bet arrested and tortured a confession out  them in order to get an indictment.

The fact the suspects were tortured to confess was proved in court led the court to release the suspects and no one has been held accountable for the Duma Burning and many other people suspect it was a conflict between to Arab families but its not mentioned at all in the video.

Again they continue to insult Jews and Rabbis by demonizing Rabbi Kahane as if he were the Jewish equivalent of Shiekh Ahmed Yassin, people don’t understand that Rabbi Kahane was a great Torah Scholar who did not advocate for violence and would frequently debate Arabs who disagreed with him.

If anyone were to read Rabbi Kahane’s literature would know Rabbi Kahane advocated paying the Arabs to leave Israel and go to other countries he never once wrote in his book that he wanted to create a Holocaust against Arabs but some person who does not know better and would just take the word of this documentary that Rabbi Kahane is the Jewish Equivalent of Shiekh Yassin.

The video shows a wedding showing people dancing with guns and apparently celebrating the fact Arabs were killed, there are people who have a prejudice against Arabs and would like to see innocent people dead but these people even within the Hill Top Youth are an extremely small minority and are condemned by almost everyone.

If one were to look at Arab society every time a Jew is killed the majority of Arabs throughout the West Bank and Gaza celebrate it and people could careless, I remember when Ari Fuld was murdered in Gush Etzion, Arabs where celebrating with fireworks in the air and handing out candy.

When the teenagers were kidnapped and murdered by Arab terrorists in Alon Shvut no one criticized the majority of Arabs who celebrated the death of Jews and yet when a few stupid individuals celebrate the death of innocent people that makes news.

This Al-Jazeera video is nothing more but a propagando video to gain public hatred against average people who believe in G-d and just want to live a simple life raising sheep and goats in their biblical homeland.

About the Author
Shlomo was born in Miami, Florida in 1989 and moved to Israel in 2012. He holds a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Political Science and served in the IDF as a combat soldier in the Netzach Yehuda Battalion. After serving in the military Shlomo studied in Yeshivat Shavie Hevron where he lived in Hebron. He now lives in Kiryat Arba, is a proud reservist in the Golani Brigade, and is a blogger for the Times of Israel.