Hamas-may-be-fighting-a-losing-battle to-stop-gaza-rocket-fire/#ixzz2rKMrIHXj           Times of Israel: January 24, 2014

It would seem that Hamas has to find a better excuse to come down harder on those groups currently operating inside its territorial jurisdiction, groups even more violently opposed to the Zionist ‘entity’ than Hamas itself.

Yet there appears to be none available.

Israel needs something similar to hold off on its own attacks into Gaza and elsewhere since these tend to nullify the notion of a nation desirous of peace and tranquility, especially in a region not exactly renowned for either commodity.

Yet there appears to be none available.

The Palestinian Authority has much the same requirement if it wishes to establish itself as a serious actor on the world stage, able to control the more ‘active’ elements within its ranks and forcing them to cease and desist from all overt acts of violence directed against Israelis and others.

Yet there appears to be none available.

The US, the EU and UN have striven, each in their own inimitable way, to bring about some form of closure and consensus to a conflict that has spanned generations.

Yet there still appears to be none available; not unless the indefatigable Mr. Kerry is about to spring a very big surprise in the next few days.

So, is there nothing readily available, nothing that can, ideally, kill all these birds with but a single stone?

Killing something can often demand that a certain degree of coldness, even of indifference enters into the human soul. This helps to banish the doubts and uncertainties that surface with any undertaking exhibiting so marked an aura of finality.

Then, perhaps, a good case can now be made for killing the Israeli-Palestinian albatross, a bird that has hung around the necks of so many of us throughout the last seven decades. And others of a similar feather.

And, if we really mean to kill this thing, it would be a great kindness to do so as swiftly and as humanely as possible. And, of course, to make sure it remains dead thereafter.

File:Rime of the Ancient Mariner-Albatross-Dore.jpg
Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Albatross – Gustave Dore
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