Aleppo changes everything

The civil war in Syria has raged for over six years and has claimed upwards of 600,000 lives, wounded over 2,000,000, and displaced half the population of this once 22 million peopled country. The real figures are probably a multiple of these numbers.

But as bad as it has been, nothing comes close to the sheer cruelty, barbarism and savagery that has plagued the destruction of Aleppo. Reports abound of innocent civilians being shot in their homes by the advancing Syrian Army, fleeing refugees being hunted down by the Al Qaeda and ISIS rebel factions, the carpet bombing of whole districts of the city by the Russian Air Force, and the Srebrenica-type massacres being perpetrated by the Iranian army and their proxies, Hizbullah.

Apart from several timid expressions of grief or media-stunt vociferous condemnations by world leaders, nothing has happened to stop the fighting. One man, John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State, has tried to create arrangements that would alleviate the suffering of the Aleppo population, but to no avail. Every attempt at a ceasefire or halt to the carnage has failed.

And the world is silent.

What does that mean for the future of international relations and conflicts around the world? The lessons are very clear. By its very inaction, the global community condones the slaughter. “The world supports the strong and the victorious”, the Vice-Rector of Tel Aviv University wrote this week about the war in Syria..

You cannot rely on the UN or global leadership, because might is right. You can never pin your hopes or stake your future on assistance from the international community after Aleppo. Israel knows this very clearly now.

That hard lesson has never been more clear than during the six years of the Syrian Slaughter. The United Nations has passed eight motions about this conflict to no avail. In the same time, the UN has passed 223 resolutions condemning Israel, most designed to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish State.

With brutality and inhumane savagery prevailing in Aleppo the global community stands condemned, much as it did nearly 80 years in the ashes of the Shoah and killing fields of Babi Yar. The lessons for the world are very clear, and they auger badly for world peace.

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Co-convenor of the Australia-Israel Labor Dialogue. Director of Blended Learning Group (Emotional Intelligence and Leadership training) Director of Bowerbase (IT start-up) Director of Soldales Pacific (Water technology start-up linking Israel and Australia).
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