All bark and no bite!

Donald Trump has talked a lot about Iran, Russia and Israel and he continues to do so but when you look at his track record, you would see a huge gap between what he claims and what he actually does.

Trump talks about Russia and how great it would be if Russia and the United States could go along and have a good relationship. He says it over and over again and if you watch closely you would see that he really means it. The interesting fact here is that he has no conditions or preconditions for this “going along with Russia” and this clearly means that he is ready to have a good relationship and even an alliance and friendship with the biggest ally of the worst enemy the United States and the Jewish State of Israel have, Iran!

Russian ties to Iran are clear as day and their latest donation to Iran’s arsenal, the S-300 missile system, has made Iran more dangerous than ever and instead of condemning this horrible act and imposing sanctions on Russia for violating a handful of UN resolutions and placing Israel at a great risk, what does the US president do? Nothing, other than diverting everyone’s attention and talking about anything but the most important threat Israel is facing right now!

The interesting issue of the day in the United States however is the depth of the relationship between Trump’s team and Russia which we know more about everyday. It seems like despite what Trump claims, he has strong ties to Kremlin and Putin himself and so does his team. In his press conference Trump said Putin had called him twice to congratulate him and “He was really nice”. Well, Putin is not “nice” to his enemies and since he is clearly “nice” to Iran and Iran’s supreme leader, it means despite all the lies and propaganda Trump is willing to let Iran get stronger and more dangerous, at best without realizing it and at worst intentionally.

I think it’s time we do something about this. Israel should make it clear to Trump that he can’t be our friend and Iran’s friend at the same time. Trump must decide who is a friend and who is the enemy and it would be wise for him to choose the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, as an ally rather than Russia and Iran and I don’t mean just giving speeches and talking like he has done so far.

Trump must prove his friendship to Israel and opposing Russia for its alliance with Iran is the first step.

About the Author
John H. Turner is from NYC, United States. He is a Villanova University student and a strong Republican. He voted for Trump.