All possible speed

Two rockets slam into Southern Israel‘                                                                      Times of Israel: February 14, 2014


I expect this may well cause yet another Israeli air-strike to wing its way into Gaza, possibly killing or maiming anyone who couldn’t get out of the target area in time. And that, no doubt, will help matters no end.

This same sorry scene has been repeated so many times before that it now rates only the most cursory mention in mainstream media.

Move and counter-move. That has been, more or less, the full extent of all standard responses to a problem that has maintained itself in being for nearly seven decades and simply refuses to go away.

Well, no amount of sweetness and light are likely to rectify the situation. There simply is nowhere near enough of each commodity to prevent progress tomorrow holding to anything but its customary negative path.

Military force might be able to keep a few heads down for a while but it hardly constitutes the final word on the subject.

Political and diplomatic activity may produce results giving some measure of temporary relief from the struggle but experience has always shown these to have minimal or no lasting impact in the longer term.

So, what could possibly hold the line and calm, even immobilise so consistently volatile and long-standing a confrontation? Can sufficient downtime ever be provided so that the entire dispute might then be settled at a much more civilised and transparent level?

Just imagine that there will never be any other method that can do this.

And, after well in excess of 66 years, twenty thousand deaths, billions in cash and credits spent and generations of futures blighted, this conflict needs to be locked down once and for all, ended permanently and done so in some style and with all possible speed.




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Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .