All-temperature Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, sometimes you’re just too hot for words. 

Left to right: Street art in Florentine. Curvaceous Bauhaus. Snappy dragons. (Photos AG).


Tpyos are eminently excusable on street art. 

If walls could talk — well, sometimes they do! (Photo AG)


You could live in a yellow submarine, or you could live here:

No, the guy on the left is not walking his car. (Photo: AG)


Thumbs up for Tel Aviv’s wacky street art!

Thumbs up if you like Tel Aviv's street art.
Florentine. (Photo: AG)


Why can’t they dress a bit more like this in New York?

Dizengoff Street (Photo: AG)




Ahoy mateys! Summer’s almost gone… ):

This little journey by artist Sened floats across a wall near the El Al building. Photo: AG)


…so paint yourself silly 🙂

Summertime and the graffiti is breezy. (Photos AG)


& cool off with color.

All-temperature cheer.