All that remains

Kerry: Israel-Palestinian mistrust at high levels | The Times of Israel 

‘Despite obstacles, US secretary of State says he is still hopeful ‘some kind of understanding’ can be achieved.’

Kerry’s ‘some kind of understanding’ has about it a certain ring of desperation, an anxiety born of settlement much delayed, too many negotiations with all sorts of prevarication and a downright refusal to get to grips with a situation left for far too long without remedy or resolution.

Maybe this ‘understanding’ has been looked for in all the the wrong places and that’s why it has proven to be so elusive.

Now if the rest of us came to ‘some kind of understanding’ of our very own,’ then Mr. Kerry’s monumental task of establishing a lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis might go forward much more smoothly than present conditions would ever allow.

Sometimes, when every other means of inducement, remonstration and appeals to a common humanity have failed, certain measures, desperate enough to surmount a whole series of obstacles, may be all that remain. Or will ever be needed.

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