Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Bibi’s brother Yoni was the only soldier killed by PLO terrorists during the Entebbe Raid. 


I opened up my Chumash today and before I arrived at the place I was intending to read, the  first Torah phrase I stared at was “Am I My Brother’s Keeper? That quote is from the first Parsha of our Torah  that starts with the beginning of creation by G-d, including the moon.

Isn’t it interesting that as I am writing this, I am constantly reminded by the various news sources of the first lunar landing 50 years ago today. It is therefore interesting that the Torah reading I turned to immediately, mentions the creation of the moon. And 50 years ago today is the first time that any human being put his or her foot on the soil of any planet outside of the earth.

Since that time, many more problems have taken place here on earth and hopefully we will be able to solve those first, before sending any more human beings into outer space.

One of those problems is represented by someone who said something many times against our country and people, and wants to come for a visit. What is interesting is that it will be one of the people that she many times insulted, spoke against and who she totally disrespects, who will make the decision for her to come in. None other than Bibi himself.

Doesn’t that remind you of the story of Purim. The main points being that Haman wanted to kill and destroy all the Jews.  Haman was all prepared to hang Mordechai on the gallows he erected when suddenly G-d turned around the whole chain of events and it was Haman himself who was hung.

Bibi will now have the same opportunity to decide Omar’s fate. It is no secret how I feel about Omar, but this is going to be Bibi’s decision. Bibi will no doubt be thinking of his brother Yoni,  who was killed by  PLO terrorists that Omar supports. But Bibi is Prime Minister of Israel, and we are a compassionate people. At the end it will be up to Bibi to decide.

I just want to look further into the above Torah quote to share some thoughts.

The above quote in the Torah is Cain speaking to G-d, which comes after the story that Cain was upset so G-d told Cain to improve himself, and mend his ways. G-d then advised Cain in a hint about the Evil Inclination, that he can conquer it. In other words, the Evil inclination exists in all humans, we can easily conquer it, repent and G-d will forgive that person.  But if that person does not improve, then sin will be the result.

So then the Torah says that Abel was stronger than Cain, who was thrown down to the ground. So as Cain was lying under Abel, Cain begged for mercy. Abel was compassionate and released his hold and Cain rose up and killed Able. There are countless ways to comment on all of the above, and so I will leave that to other commentators who are more learned than me.

But the message is clear, to Bibi, by having compassion for Omar, and allowing her into our country, will be a big mistake. Because this Shabbat begins the three weeks, which marks the start of the period which resulted in the ultimate destruction of both Holy Temples on the Ninth of Av.

One of those things to take place on the 17th of Tammuz was that the walls of Jerusalem were breached prior to the destruction of the second Holy Temple.  With Omar’s past history of verbal abuse toward our people and our country, nothing good will come out of her being here.




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