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American Evangelicals’ long covert attack on Israel in the open

Israel’s political striptease show

The lead into the above-linked blog starts: “These fools destroy everything we evangelicals have sacrificed our lives to build – I will use every bit of my energy and power to destroy them before they destroy the nation.”

Yes — this American Christian author is talking about his personally ‘destroying’ any Israeli government not led by his long sponsored PM, Benjamin Netanyahu combined with Bibi’s deeply unstable but always destructive hard Right coalition. Seems a bit presumptive for an American Evangelical to think he can — or has any right to — invalidate the vote of Israeli citizens and, ultimately, the Knesset.

But in his surprisingly frank and self-adoring blog, this author makes quite clear the powerful, covert and long-standing American Christian Zionist/Evangelical agenda which has merged with, guided, compromised and continues to significantly influence key elements of and individuals in Israel’s hard Right and Haredi communities.

When Christians in the very Christian U.S. community and region in which I currently live to tell me how much they ‘love Israel,’ it most often means they want Israel in alignment with their New Testament biblical mythologies and fantasies which are not, shall we say, particularly Jewish OR Muslim friendly.

These Christian/Zionists/Evangelicals neither support nor ‘love’ the Jewish State of Israel but are far more often committed to such New Testament apocalyptic prophecies as highlighted by Revelations. It often means they want a never-ending war between Jews and Muslims (far more so than is currently the case) through which Jews will ultimately take complete command over all of these biblical lands.

The result will then be the Christian Zionist/Evangelical’s ability to fundamentally move in for the long awaited Second Coming which many of these selected groups think they can directly help facilitate. That the New Testament is in explicit disagreement in the belief that such an earthly intervention is either relevant or acceptable doesn’t seem to matter.

At that point, those Jews who manage to survive the apocalyptical regional warfare which vanquishes all Muslims will have to either convert to Christianity or be taken away into an eternal state of fire and torment. Israel has long been the Christian Zionist/Evangelical Ground-0.

The extended intrusion of American Christian Zionists and Evangelicals into Israel combined with their direct sponsorship of Israel’s hard Right, of Netanyahu and violent Settler movements along with becoming a strong funding and propaganda sources for selected Haredi sects has been among the most destructive, covert and, perhaps, most under the radar direct attacks on Israel’s security, sovereignty and future stability than those possible by Hamas or Iran.

Trump moved the American embassy as part of his ‘debt’ to Christian Zionist/Evangelical sponsors and core voters. Trump little understood what he was doing and didn’t much care but certainly liked the attention he received as a result. The move was extremely ill-conceived political theatre and the ensuing violence consistent with the Christian Zionist/Evangelical and Israeli hard Right mixed agendas. The move remains politically and logistically counterproductive.

My suggestion is that all American Christian Zionists/Evangelicals who ‘love’ Israel and are currently unhappy about their investment cut their losses and return to America as soon as possible. You can then consider finding other pet projects rather than the continued deliberate and ongoing destabilization of Israel. Neither your professed and self-absorbed ‘love’ or money are needed nor wanted. Your ‘investment’ in Israel has also been dearly misdirected.

A majority of Christian Zionists/Evangelicals in Israel are ‘sacrificing’ to their own attempts to dominate Israel and Israeli politics while fantasizing New Testament Dominionist mythology (for lots more on this topic, also see: New Apostolic Reformation). My suggestion to the author of the linked blog is that if you feel your plans in and for Israel have been truly compromised, consider that to Israel’s strongest benefit then….go away

The link below is to an older article but one which continues very informative. It was written by Frederick Clarkson, a writer I follow, and one who has studied and written about these groups for a long time. I am pleased to offer more information as desired.

With the blog by Mike Evans, a long-hidden light has been shed which needs to be taken with deadly seriousness. It is also still another primary reason why Netanyahu and his coalition must be fully and permanently out of primary power in Israel….

Dominionism Rising A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight

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