American Saga: 336 Days, 355 Mass-Shootings

After 9/11, the numbers of Americans killed in terrorist attacks stand less than one hundred, outnumbered by the hundreds of thousand killed in mass-shooting in United States of America, so far.


The recent killing of 14 innocent people in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, by a Muslim couple, once again sparked a debate in American politics and media to stringent the arm rules, raising questions on vanishing tolerance of Americans against African Americans, which was planted by Martin Luther King after decades of struggle.

The media and citizens, who have been waiting and watching the Obama administration, in the hope of some substantial action, have now been outraged and can go beyond something unexpected.

The Obama, the State’s first African-American President, has been failed to cope up the rising intolerance against African-Americans in recent years.

Ever since 9/11, such mass killings have been in rise against religions and ethnic minorities in USA. The Muslims, Asians, Hindus, Sikhs, Blacks and other minority communities have repeatedly been prey of discrimination and hatred.

Such recent incidents and laxity of Obama government, has once again tend to house a sense of fear and insecurity among minorities.

The recent incidents have gestured towards exceeding records of killings of Americans in recent years after September 11, outside and inside its territory, which, if not constrained timely can trigger devastating results.

In a recent interview to BBC, Barack Obama, President of United State of America had admitted that, “his government has been failed to cope up with surging mass-shooting in USA in recent years, adding that, “after 9/11 less 100 Americans would have been killed in terrorist attacks, while Americans killed in mass shooting counts hundreds of thousands.”

He admitted that the stringing of arms norm is urgent need of hour to check the crime incidents, which is very high in USA as compared to any European developed country.

In America getting a weapon license is, somehow, as easy as getting a driving license, while getting a weapon license in India is as difficult as getting an American Green card.

Biggest Democracy vs. Oldest Democracy: Is India more intolerant than States?

Mr. Barack Obama earlier this year had criticized Indian administration for its slackness in curbing rising intolerance against minority communities (Muslims and Christians). Weeks after his visit to India, he had said that “surging religious intolerance in Indian would have shocked its peace icon Mahatma Gandhi, which provoked a stream of outrage in India.

However, this, Obama’s statement came after a couple of incidents of religious mass conversion of Muslims to Hinduism and incidents of vandalizing mosques and churches by Hindu nationalist groups, after ruling Indian party, Bhartiya Janta Party (Hindu nationalist-Right Wing) came in power last May (2014).

The Indian media, laureates, left wings and oppositions have also been accusing the ruling Party for inciting and promoting the intolerance in country since last May, and the issue has been emerged as a major political challenge for Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India to grapple with.

Likewise, undeniably for Mr. Barack Obama, the rising mass killing is going to play a decisive role in 2016’s presidential election.

Nevertheless, if the world’s largest democracy, India, is becoming intolerant against its minority communities, then what would be it called that happened in world’s oldest democracy, the United States of America in 336 days in 2015.

In 2015, India, three people have been victim of religious intolerance, while USA has more mass-shootings than days in Year.

Isn’t America becoming intolerant towards its African-American and other ethnic minorities?

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Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including DD News, Ministry of Information Technology in India for many years.
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