Americans Must Learn the New War Cry

The recent assassination by America of the chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Al Quds, Qassem Soleimani, was an extremely dangerous action. I don’t know yet if it was wise or stupid. But Donald Trump will soon learn the answer.

Meanwhile, Americans need to learn the Farsi war cry, “Marg Bar Iran” – Death to Iran.

And while shouting it, they need to find the safest possible shelters. Iran will definitely reply to what they consider Trump’s heinous act against their sovereignty.

It is, of course, true that Soleimani was a very dangerous man and a threat to the peace throughout the entire Middle East, hailed and praised by Khomeini and Khameni as Iran’s most and bravest national hero.

The peace of the world is much better off without him. But the question remains: was it wise or stupid to carry out an assassination at this time?

Could it have been possible to capture him and try him for war crimes? What made Trump to come to the fatal decision at this time?

While blaming America for the assassination, Iran has no right to accuse Israel of participation in it. The Iranians will make a dreadful mistake, one from which they will not survive, if they attempt to wage an open war with Israel. While we rejoice in Soleimani’s death, we played no part in it.

Netanyahu has enough problems on his plate to enter into an open war with Iran. And the people of Israel have no taste to keep running into bomb shelters for protection against bombs and missiles.

The 1979 Iranian attack of the American Embassy in Tehran and its capture of American diplomats is minor to what their coming intentions will be. Their fangs are dangerous and their claws reach out far from their borders. The lives of Americans are in danger throughout the Middle East and Trump will be unable to save their lives.

The death of Soleimani does in no way affect the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He has already been replaced by a superior officer and leader of the Revolutionary Guards and with the support of Iran’s leaders and the will of Iran’s citizens the danger now is much greater than previously. The honor of Iran is at stake.

Iranian agents in Iraq are already drawing up plans to capture and to kill American citizens. Such a plan, if carried out, can lead to the possibility of a world war… the Muslim nations against the United States.

And the Muslims are in the majority.

Was the assassination of Soleimani the decision of Donald Trump alone or was it the suggestion of America’s military leaders?

America did not win its war against Korea nor the war in Vietnam. There was no signed truce, only a withdrawal of military forces. The Muslim world is inspired by the teachings of the prophet Mohammed and will not… cannot… surrender to an infidel leader of an infidel nation.

What can we look forward to? Plainly to attacks, destruction and too many deaths. Netanyahu is too involved with his personal problems and his intentions via Iran are secondary.

We may take some personal pleasure in shouting out “Itbach al-Irani” or “Marg bar Iran” but no one will pay attention to our voices. Instead there is a danger of Iranian support of our neighbors in the north, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, and our neighbors in the south, Hamas.

And of course, in the event of a catastrophic war, we dare not forget the terrorist Palestinians under orders of Abbas’s Palestine Authority.

We pray to God for salvation and they pray to Allah for salvation.

Whose prayers will God/Allah answer?

I dare not guess.

For the time being, Americans need to learn how to shout “Marg bar Iran”— death to Iran.

That war cry may give them some comfort (if nothing more).

The American president, Donald Trump, was delusional when he declared that “the Iranian reign of terror is over”.

To the contrary…. it is just beginning.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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