America’s Frankenstein

Consider today’s chaos and defiance raging in the Middle East and in the corridors of Washington within the context of the few words Mr. Obama uttered to Medvedev during the March 2012 talks in Seoul, South Korea.

This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility” to which Medvedev answered, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir”.

Now, I am not a big fan of science fiction, but I could swear I heard this before in an episode of Star Wars after which Captain Kirk went to work at warping speed.

Seriously, though, here are some of the latest headlines from the region and the US:

Chaos dominates everywhere Mr. Obama travels, institutes his policies, or works for the change he promised. To be fair, the events behind these headlines may happen, in some degree or another, under the watch of any US President, although the consistency and voracity of chaos shaping the Middle East and the defiant and contentious politics we are witnessing in Washington are different from any other period in the short history of the last 40 years.

Only the Arab-Israeli war of 1973 with the ensuing oil embargo by Saudi Arabia, the hostage taking in Tehran with the failed attempt to rescue them, and Watergate come to mind to match the chaos of today.

The difference, however, reminds me of the Mistral winds in France. You know it is coming but you cannot measure the speed and duration with accuracy because of its fluctuating and intermittent nature. The Middle East is experiencing consistent and violent chaotic times intermittently ever since Mr. Obama has been elected President.

The design is brilliant. Show how friendly you are to Islamism by apologizing for past mistakes to stir it and show how contentious you are to your foes at home to vex them. It is all about creating chaos. Will Durant, author of the 11 volumes of The Story of Civilization, once said, “Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos”. After the call for liberties by all the past US Presidents built on a Western orderly civilization imported from Europe comes the chaos of Mr. Obama.

A smart analyst of US politics once said that successful, consensus-building Presidents that rise from minority-controlled political systems in their States fare much better than those who come from a majority-controlled system. Republican Reagan from a Democratic California or Democrat Clinton from a Republican Arkansas are but two examples of successful Presidents able to coral their opponents and keep their friends.

On the other hand, Democrat Obama comes from Democratic Illinois with a past education and circles more immersed in quantifying the mistakes America made than in qualifying all the goodness it spread.

I am afraid Mr. Obama is the closest thing to America’s own Frankenstein whose laboratory emerged from a far left education system and environments unwilling to accept the good deeds of this nation. Guantanamo is the best example of a rude awakening Obama still resists. He is unable to shelf his roots no matter how convincing the facts are or how many mistakes he makes.

Chaos is his answer to solving the ills of the world to include instituting justice for Islamist ideologies or maintaining the status quo for enemies of the Syrian and the Iranian peoples.